Will’s Bedtime Letter

                                           Wigan st.andrews    Mort Street


                                                          Wn6 7au   

77  Anywhere Street

Wigan Springfield

Wn6 7au



Dear mum

I’m writing to tell you that children over 7 years old should be able to stay up later because they have a lot of homework about the stars. I can play educational games like fifa 14 and minecraft. I want to play fifa 14 because I have a lot of great players on my ultimate team like willian.  Minecraft will help me with my building skills and it’s a really fun game. I will talk to my friends as quiet as I can if there still on and there letter worked. Speaking to my friends will help with my socialising skills for this reason children over 7 years old should be able to stay up later.


You’re sincerely,


Will’s Brilliant Story

L.C Can I retell part of a Greek myth?


Once upon a time, Daedalus, was a great inventor, was locked inside a tall tower with his son Icarus. They longed to return to Athens but king Minos was freighted they would spread the secret of the labyrinth if he released them.


Inside the labyrinth there was half bull and half man with big sharp teeth and a big fat nose. It was a Minotaur.


They got imprisoned on an island. Every day they got a bird seed. They surreptitiously put a bird seed on the windowsill and they got the feathers of the birds and made them into wings. One rule Icarus “DON’T FLY TO CLOSE TO THE SUN ICARUS” said Daedalus but Icarus didn’t listen he was to excited. Icarus and Daedalus flew out of the window Icarus just went up and up and up and up and then he just fell at 100 miles per hour down towards the sea. And he was never to be seen again.

Cool Dog by Will

L.C. Can I write my own poem using excellent describing words?

Cool dog


I’m a cool dog a fool dog lying in the sun.

I’m a nice dog a cute dog and I sometimes get done.

I’m a keen dog a little dog and I like eating a bun.

I’m a tamed dog a playing dog and I like having fun.

I’m a friendly dog a lean dog and I like teasing silly sheep.

I don’t like cats and I don’t like fog but I like having a sleep.

I’m a fast dog a slow dog and I like a having a peep.

I’m a sleek dog a meek dog cringing for my meet.

Woof woof woof woof


Will H cool

Will’s Cool Story

L.C can I write a story in a familiar setting?

My mum bellowed if you’re bad ill take

You to granddad jakes house.

Granddad jakes house was scary and freaky. He lives in a massive house. His garden looks like a jungle. He is about 99 years old and he likes watching sky sports news. He wears a Manchester united kit all the time he   always has van persie on the back. I love playing football with my friends. I am 9 years of age and I am about the right size for my age. I am really scared to go to granddad jakes.

Later that day I was playing football outside and I did a sizzle kick over someone’s fence and smashed there window and my mum heard me.  Put on your favourite   and coat I’m taking you to granddad jakes she shouted.      


The next day I asked mum cold I go and watch man united vs. Liverpool mum said no. mum said she was going shopping for food. When she went I put her wedding ring down the toilet in aggravation and then flushed it down the toilet. Later on I heard the doorbell go it was mum. Mum said has everything been alright yes I said. Mum said she was going to put her wedding ring on don’t I said why she said because… I had spit it out I said I put it down the toilet and flushed it down the toilet. Put on your shoes I’m taking you to granddad jakes house. I stood outside granddad jakes house. I knocked on the door and granddad Jake answered it. Mum said he as been naughty so I got him out of my way. Granddad Jake had a box of toys for me waiting    it was like he had planned it. The toys were brand new. Now my says if you’re good ill take you to granddad jakes. My granddad  still supports Manchester united.