Shanice’s Story

A Fantasy Story


Once there lived a dragon called Cloudy. He was nice, pretty, loud, but mostly very unpopular. Cloudy was at home watching tv very sadly.


But suddenly he heard a bang “Bang! Bang! Bang!” so Cloudy went out side. It was an ugly, snotty high voiced goblin “let me in” he said in his high voice. “What are you doing?” he sobbed “I’m Ralf. Can I live with you I’m homeless?” Cloudy’s excitement grew “Yes. Yes you can, you can” as he was hugging Ralf  “hey get off me. So tell me about yourself” well I’m very unpopular  “ha-ha! I’m popular everyone loves me.” he laughed. Cloudy was depressed “hey we could go school together.” “ok”. Finally it was the end of school and cloudy was waiting for Ralf to come out of the toilet. He said to himself “hurry up Ralf. Come its nearly the end of school.”


But he was taking too long. At last he was out. He was walking to the door “oh no were locked in!” cried cloudy. Then Ralf found a hammer but still they couldn’t get out. Suddenly they fell down a hole. It was darker than the starry night “Ahhh!” Ralf screamed “hey!” shouted cloudy.  They found a key then a ring. But then the ring glowed and it was shinier than the stars. The ring wouldn’t come off Ralf’s finger but then “Pwoosh!”  they were gone. They were in the middle off nowhere. “I’m scared” said Ralf “the ring won’t come off”.


They were very scared but suddenly the key glowed and they were back in school but the ring and key had gone.


So Ralf and Cloudy were happy and they got jobs and they lived happily ever after.



by Shanice

Dragon Stories

Here are some of the fantastic dragon stories we have been working on in Literacy. Well done Year 4 – keep up the excellent work.

Mr Sharkey

Dragon story

Long ago there was a scary ugly dragon. he was called pongo and he had the most smelliest slimy bottom. he had bloody red wings and he blew the most multi coulered fire. He liked girly ballet and manly tennis and eating people. Over the volcano in a dark dull forest there was a little girl called Tina she lived in a foster home. She was as tiny as a jellybean. She was lazy and she had very dark hair and she didn’t believe in dragons.


Later that day Tina was really bored, nothing exciting happened in the grumpy foster home. So she decided to go hiking. She tiptoed down stairs like a mouse. Then she went hiking near the volcano. she fell down a gloomy hole and thought she saw something strawberry red at the corner of her beautiful eye. She was anxious and excited.


As dusk was approaching Tina decided to search for the thing she saw earlier so she picked her self up and brushed the dust of her shaky legs. As she was walking she saw a massive foot print and she could fit 50 of her tiny feet in it. The excitement grew inside so she followed the foot print she ran as fast as a cheetah. Then she saw a cave and heard a big roar. She fainted and banged her head on a rock. The last thing she saw was lava coming in the cave.


Seconds later pongos spiky blood red nose sniffed Tina’s terror from the top of the exploding  volcano. He swooped rapidly and hungrily into the terrifying cave. Just when he was about to eat her he thought she was pretty and angel like. So he scooped her up and took her to safety out of the terrifying cave.


That day Tina kissed pongo and she turned into a dragon. They got married and they were happier than a penguin feasting on fish. Their honeymoon was Dragon Island. There were coconut trees and it was very sandy. And there was a hut for then to stay in. when they came back they had baby twins and pongo became a ballet teacher and Tina is working at a day care centre. they were very happy and they lived happily ever after.

By Shanice

                                                                      Dragon story

 Long ago there lived a slimy green coloured dragon called pongo and his bottom had flies on it .he could breath the most magnifsant multi couled fire. There was nothing pongo liked more than ballet dancing and eating people especially black haired little girls. On the other side of the spooky scary forest there lived a black haired little girl called Tina .she lived in a spooky foster home and she did not believe in dragons.   

   Later on that day Tina was very bored because nothing exciting ever happened at the boring foster home. So she decided to tip toe out and go hiking so she climbed out the window. When she was hiking she found a volcano and suddenly she stumbled down the deep dark volcano when she was getting up she thought she saw a scale. It was as red as the volcanoes fire. She was a little anxious and a little bit excited too.      

At dusk Tina decided to go searching for the thing that she saw earlier on out of the corner of her eye. So she climbed out of her rusty old nearly broken window .she jumped down and started walking slowly and calmly. She still did not believe in dragons. Just then her mind changed because she saw a humongous foot step. The excitement rose inside her and she decided to follow the georamas foot step. as she was walking she found spooky old cave. suddenly she heard a big roar and she hit her head on a piece of rock .the last thing she saw was lava poring over the entrance to the cave

 Second’s later pongos blood red nose sniffed out Tina from the bottom of the volcano. so pongo swooped down and just as he was about  to feast on her he saw how beautiful and ghostly she was so instead of eating her he scooped her up and flew her to safety out of the cave.    

 Just as the sun was setting Tina awoke and found that she was in the arms of a dragon!!! .she screamed as loud as she could. suddenly she turned into a dragon and they all lived happily ever after.

by Alicia M