The Lion By Ryan

L.C. Can I write my own poem using excellent describing words?


I’m white lion a biter lion always sucking blud.

I’M A ORANGE LION I’M a dangerous LI0N


I’M A Scary lion I’m a lean lion and a keen lion always having fun with other lions.

I’m a queer lion a wriggly lion sleeping in the warm .

I’m a witch lion a twitchy

mises Hitchens rat

Today on the 24th of march we asked misses hitchen questions about her rat. The rats name had a bubley name called Bubbles. It eat rat muesley which has corn,wheat,sugerpellets,chicken,fat and minerals it also likes wild berry drops and anything else. it has lots of knowledge and can count to 3. It is called a dumbo rat and it has big ears and has a very long tail and it is nearly 3 in june.

by Ryan


Football is a good sport because it can help you get fit I play for a football club and we are 4th in the table. My favourite football club is man united because they are really good and they are the first in the premier league my favourite players for man united is nani because he has skill. When I am older I want to be a  a prefessonal footballer for man united and win the premier league, the fa cup, the champions league and the community sheild and be a legend for man united.


If school was more like baseball

we’d only have to play.

we’d hang out in the sunshine

and run around all day.

We wouldn’t have to study

we’d pratice and train.

and best of all they’d cancel

whenever there was rain.

christmas day

On christmas day I wake up as early as I can then I wake up every body else then I open my presents.After that I play whith my presents then on christmas evening I have my tea whith my mum,dad and grandma and grandad.After that we pull the crakers then go to ryan


mathletics is good for your maths and you can do lots of things like buy things whith your credits. But you have to  earn credits and you can earn them like when you earn a bronze certifacite you get 100 credits and if you get a silver you get 150 credits and if you get a gold you get 200 credits .If you play live which is realy good because if you click your mouse at the same time you can play against your mates and if you win you get 5 credits and if you get your highest score you get 10 credits.

Well done Year 4 Badminton Champions!

Congratulations to all the children who attended the Badminton Festival at Robin Park. A funtime was had by all and our two teams were brilliant as they finished 1st and 2nd overall. A wonderful achievement! Well done Ben, Jamie, Megan, Emily, Lucy, Luke, Ryan and Jessica – fantastic performances all round. As ever, your behaviour was outstanding and you are an asset to yourselves and your school. A big thanks to all our supportive parents and a special thank you to Mrs Marshall and Mr and Mrs Ackers for cheering us on and helping out with transport.

See you all at practise next Tuesday. Well done Year 4.

Mr Sharkey