Maxwell’s Quack Poem

“Meow!” said the octopus,
“Oink!” said the sloth,
“Woof!” said the donkey
And “neigh!” said the moth.
“Quack!” said the ocelot,
“Baa!” said the cow,
“Hoot!” said the jellyfish,
And “cluck!” said the sow,
“Cheep! Cheep!” the turkey cried,
The duck began to moo,
And all at once the sheep went “cock-a-doodle-do!”
The goat coughed and cleared his throat and he began to bleat,
“Hiss!” said the cock
Swimming in the leat.
“Tweet! Tweet!” said the cat
As she began to fly,
Maxwell’s been and laid an egg that’s the reason why! 🙂


Grace’s Quack Poem

L.C. can I write a poem based on one that I have read?


“Tick tock!” said the crocodile,

“Oink!” said the sloth.

And “Neigh!” said the moth,

“Hoot!” said jellyfish.

“Squeak!” said the mouse,

“BAA!” said the sheep running in the house.

And all at once the the dog went COCK A DO DOODLE DO!

“Cluck!” said the hen,

 running in its POO!jellyfish