At the moment in art we are doing pop up books it is so fun.

In my group there are 5 people,  Me, Shaard, Jessica, Ashley and Kayliegh b.

Our topic is Animals.

We have done ten pages on animals.

The group next to us is Eastenders and the other side is Toy Story 3.

our class voted for Sports to get a prize.

I had great fun making them

thanckyou for listening

By Emily j

Pop-up books

In Y4 we do art.  At the moment we  are doing pop-up books – real fun! 

Firstly, we did a box fold (it was easy) i made it into a Dr Who pop-up card .Secondly we did a mouth fold (a bit more difficult). Then we started with our real pop-up books. We got in to small groups, my group includes myself , Ryan and Ethan. We did Eastenders and the group next to us did animals. We had to do 4 or more pages in our book. Next week is our last week to do it and  i’m really sad!! After this week  we will do our front page and back i cant wait!

by James