Oliver’s Animal Adventure Story

L.C. can I begin to write a story based on one that I have read?

 Bob the gross happer needs to know how to get home safely. He went out to the park and got lost. Bob the gross happer is different to his brother and his mum because he was born a gross happer. They lived in the front garden of 10B and he saw the band stand across the road. Bob the gross happer was green and covered in slime. All the other grass hoppers called him Shrek but he just didn’t listen .his mum and his brother are his only friends .he never ever came out of the house this is the first time he came out “o no” said Bob to himself “I cant believe this!” Bob ran to the band stand and went into the whole but all the other grass hoppers were there eating slimy slugs .They all turned around and laughed. They all surrounded him and threw stones at him .He ran out and was in tears .He went to the playground he jumped on a swing and then he saw 10B he ran into the middle of the road. Then a lorry ran him over and he got knocked onto the side walk. He woke up in the vets then thought who would take him. To the vets he is a gross happer then they put him into a cage then Bob looked at a girls name tag it said Beoncey .Then he looked at her fat face and she was gobbling a dounut, it had pink icing and white sprinkles she put him into her van and took Bob to the park .He was once again across the road from 10B Then he saw a lolly pop man the lolly pop looked at Bob and ran into the road and all the traffic stopped. So Bob walked across the road and squeezes through the gate and there was mum and his bro.

Killer Megalagon by Oliver

L.C. Can I write my own poem using excellent describing words?


 Killer megalagon


I am a scary shark a fierce shark I choose my mark .

I am not a sleeping shark I am a very wild shark.

I love to eat nemo shark not for me the other sharks

I hunt alone

I’m a rough shark a tough shark a fighting shark

I win every match I disregard my mum even the president

I hate happy people I hate the dentist .

I’m a lean shark a keen shark. A KILLER shark a mean shark.

My nose can detect my prey from a thousand miles away.