Molly’s Story


One day I went to my cousin’s house with my sister and my dad. My name is Molly. I come from Wigan, and I’m eight years old. My cousin said I’m my name is sofie. I’m twelve years old I have brown hair and I love music. I’m a good writer and I have brown hair. Your dress is pink just like mine. Then Sophie showed me around, she did have some pets she said they are rabbits but I didn’t no there names. I have two cat there could Daisy a and Fizz, fizz is 4 and Daisy is nearly 11 and she’s black and green and has a grey tail.

Then I found a new door and me and Sophie and went froe. Next I fell froe a toasted marsh mellow it was giant slide. Me and Sophie was looking everywhere north, south, east and west but she didn’t see me.So there was only one place to look IN THE TOASTED MARSH MELLOW, she jumped and jumped until she had to go down the toasted marsh mellow, so she did and she fell down slowly Sophie had to get there fast before the marshen turned me into something. But Sophie didn’t get there in time so I got turned into a chocolate crocodile. After that, I sour Sophie she picked me up and climb up the laddeder.


Suddenly we jumped onto the marsh mellow river and Sophie took me in out and I turned back. soon we saw a door again we jumped on 10 marsh mellows and sophie could reech the handle so she opend  it and we went out just intime for me to go home.

Rachel M’s and Molly’s Stories.




One hot sunny day there was a little girl with blonde, long beautiful hair. She was small and she loved camping .Her eyes were as blue as the ocean. Through the gloomy, misty forest and over the tall mountain there was a smelly bog that was greener than the rottenest grass .Down, down deep in the bog there was a huge dragon. It had fish like scales with the shiniest body that was brighter than the brightest star. He could breathe the most magnificent fire that could burn the entire forest with one puff .His wings were redder than a volcano’s fire and he loved to eat people.


The next morning Tina was so board. Then she had a fantastic idea. Tina went camping. She so excited. As she was walking the wood got mistier and mistier. Tina got scared so she ran and ran until she realized it was getting steeper .Suddenly she tripped over and fell in a bog. Then something grabbed her leg and pulled her in “AHHHHHH!” she screamed “AHHHHH! Why are you screaming? Oh yes, I am a dragon” called Drongo. So then he invited her in for mud tea and worm cookies. He told Tina that he knew that Tina would come and find his precious egg.


After they looked everywhere, then Drongo had a great idea “follow me to the mountain”. Suddenly it exploded. Drongo and Tina flew away.


Then the egg landed in Tina’s hands and Drongo had his egg again and he promised to never lose it again.         

By Rachel M



Georgia’s magical egg

One bright sunny morning a girl called Georgia woke up. She had beautiful blonde hair and had eyes which were as blue as the sky. Georgia lived in a very, very, very old caravan. It had a broken door, two bedrooms, one kitchen one bathroom and a living room. Her hobbies were reading she only liked reading. But she hated football.


One night Georgia was very tired. She was always tired because she was lazy. Suddenly Georgia thought she saw something in her bedrooms dolls house so she walked over to the dolls house and opened it. Georgia was so shocked she fainted “what was that?” was the last thing she said. But the last thing she saw was a green and blue egg which was broken with orange inside.


One hour later Georgia woke up and felt something bounce on her belly it was a dragon “what! Who are you?” she squead “I am Draigo” the dragon said “I was born here and there’s going to be an earthquake”. Suddenly a big roar cried and the earth began to shake “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” they both screamed “THE EGG” screamed Georgia. As the egg rolled away.


Two minutes later the earthquake was over but they couldn’t find the egg “weres the egg” said Draigo. So they crawled and walked around the house. “I FOUND THE EGG” screamed Draigo followed by a flamey carpet and a puff of smoke.

Georgia went into the living room and saw her carpet on fire, Draigo smiling and a broken egg “put that fire out” said Georgia gently. Suddenly it went out. Georgia looked up as pink dust fell on her then she was a dragon and they lived on Dragon Island forever.

 By Molly