There was a place on the end of Sweden were there was a little cottage. Their were 2 people called Billy and Susan. Billy went out for a walk and he heard a loud noise in a big cave. So he went in and found a path with big footprints, so he followed them.


When Billy went into the cave he saw the monster, the TUDA. So Billy went out of the cave. Then the TUDA was flying behind him. After a bit the TUDA was gone behind him.


The next morning he went to the cave, and he heard someone shouting “HELP!” Billy went into the cave, when Billy entered the cave, he heard a girl voice shouting again. Billy went to the girl, “I’ll save you.” Billy saved the girl and freed her then the TUDA came back now Billy had a plan. Billy ran and ran then he jumped over the TUDA’s head and ripped it of.


Billy took the head back home. Susan was shocked to see a head. Billy put the head in his draw, then then cleaned it out and used it for Halloween.


The End

By Mollie

Mollie’s Explanation Text

L.C. can I write an explanation text

Chameleons are a type of lizard.

How do they move?

Chameleons use there claws to climb and they are very good at climbers.

How do they change colour

Chameleons change colour with the sun and when they start to do communication .And they are cold blooded.

Where do they live?

Chameleons can live in deserts, woods rain forrists and jungles.

What do they eat?

They eat spiders from the desert and beetles and lots of other things.

They drink water but DO NOT GIVE THEM A DRINK.

what do they use to eat

Chameleons eat with their tongue because there tongue is sticky.

What can they do?

chameleons can be pets in cageis.

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Mollie’s Fable

  L.C. Can I write in the style of a fable?

Snake was bored so he went to pig.

“Pig do you know lamb is stuck in a pond.” “ Really better go and save him .” “What snake” “Ha Ha Ha Ha LOL .” The next day Snake saw pig he looked a bit tired. “ Pig pig pig” said snake. “Wolf he is at the duck house.” Oh no” pig ran and ran and ran “What the?”. There was no wolf atal . “stupid pig” said Snake .Then pig went home. “IM getting tired” Lets go to sleep .” Then snake saw BULL “ OH NO”Better get pig.” Bull was going to kill a girl. “Go away you’re a liar.” So snake went over and the girl was full of blood and she was dead . Then snake saw bull look at him “oh oh” snake died “poor snake lol” said pig I don’t like him any way.