Megan’s Fable

L.C. Can I write in the style of a fable?



Once dog was out side of his beautiful

Glowing house but he was extremely hungry so he went searching for some food to eat .Just then he found some juicy tasty yummy cheese he picked it up and went to a near by tree and berd saw dog berd came swooping down and he said “that’s my cheese” “no its not” said dog naw wot can I tri said biard so he came down and trid to snach it and he axadently bit him “sorry said bard


Moral: YOU cant have something with out ascking bicaus you cod get mad and cil somwon.

19th of june

On sunday 19th i might be allowed to sleep and have tea at maddison’s house. She said we can play in her room , take minstrel (her dog) for a walk and lots more and  SLEEP!!!.  we will have lots of fun. 🙂    and maddi said we can mabey go rollarink

by megan 8)

p.s. maddi whats for tea 🙁 ?







heres everything I know about antartica.

the Ice is 1.6 meters thick, warmest tempture is 1 degrees, not just the coldest place but also the windest, sciencetists go there about once a year andits slippy so its easyer to get around using skis

thanks for  reading 🙂

by megan 8)




easter story

Easter is a time of year where we celabrate the death of jesus. We get easter eggs because they reprizent new life. the story is:

Jesus was going to jeruslam on his donkey. a few days later him and his disiples sat down together and they shered a last supper. he brakes up peaces of bread for all of them “this is my body”  he said handing it to each of his disiples. he took a glass of red wine “this is my blood” he said hannding it to each of his disiples. then he said “one of you will betray me” they all looked at eachother looking puzzled. then jesus took them to the gardan of gethsenomy. ” sit here and rest why i go and pray” said jesus so they all rested feeling terrible. them the soidors came they took him and they put him on a cross he said his last words and died.

then on saterday his friends came and took his body and layed it in a in a cave and rolled a big hevey stone across it.

then easter sunday his friends came agian to check him. the stone was rolled away and an angel was standing there

“jesus is alive”she said then his friends ran to tell the disiples, but standing in the door way was jesus!

thats why we celabrate easter

by megan 🙂

my hobbies

i’ve got lots of hobbys, my first is baking i lovebaking cakes and on pancake day i bake pancakes.

my 2nd hobby is numracy its fun adding, subtracion, divison and multiplcation. you can use numracy everywhere like in a shop adding the money for each thing the costma buys.

and my last hobby is swimming its soooooooooo cool. i try my best

by megan

star of the week

star of the week in year4 is shahd. i think it was brillent that she got it and i also think that she diserves it. i’ve been star of the week. is feels good. everyone has been it exept from jordan. there is only 1 person in y4 had star of the week twise and that is emily.

well done shahd for star of the week.

by megan

P.S. salam shahd