joe allunga

Yesterday, Joe allunga came. He’s best friend is called Mick. Many years ago, the Europeans took his children. He eats grubs. It is about 40 degrees in Australia. The facepaint is called paint. He gets his water from the creak. The colours in Australia are: red, brown and dark colours like that. The Europeans had guns he had spears. He hadn’t any ider what a holiday was. Until someone told him. His favourite holiday is uluru witch is a big rock. He was not an elder. The animals are kookaburra, koala, wombat, wallaby and much much more. Finley, the Europeans took their children away. And the Europeans took Joes land.

By Megan


jack is my nanas dog. jack allways gets exited when someone comes in. he ge sooooooooo exited he wees (ha ha ha). he gidday gidday gidday. but apeart from the weeing and gidday he’s great.

by megan 🙂

horrid henry

I love waghting horrid henry. its funny because its a cartoon and henry always falls and does something silly like that.

there are lots off horrid henry books my favorite is horrid henry’s revenge. 

Henry has a little brother (peter the smelly nappy baby) his mum and dad really anoy him.

by megan