Maxwell’s Quack Poem

“Meow!” said the octopus,
“Oink!” said the sloth,
“Woof!” said the donkey
And “neigh!” said the moth.
“Quack!” said the ocelot,
“Baa!” said the cow,
“Hoot!” said the jellyfish,
And “cluck!” said the sow,
“Cheep! Cheep!” the turkey cried,
The duck began to moo,
And all at once the sheep went “cock-a-doodle-do!”
The goat coughed and cleared his throat and he began to bleat,
“Hiss!” said the cock
Swimming in the leat.
“Tweet! Tweet!” said the cat
As she began to fly,
Maxwell’s been and laid an egg that’s the reason why! 🙂


Maxwell’s Brilliant Story

Once upon a time, Daedalus, who was a great inventor,

was trapped inside a massive tower with his son Icarus.

The tower was so tall that if you looked at it from a distance  it would look like it was hovering over the ocean. Daedalus and Icarus both wanted to return to Athens  , but king Minos was worried that they would spread the secret of the winding corridors  of the labyrinth they built, so he wouldn’t let them leave.

Daedalus had had enough of the tower, even though they got shimmering gold and delectable food to eat. “we’re going to escape Icarus” said Daedalus, so every day he would catch a bird and take just one feather.

Finally he had plucked enough feathers that he could make two pairs of wings. “so are we going to fly!?” asked Icarus in disbelief

“yes” replied Daedalus splodging hot wax on to his and Icarus’s shoulders . finally the wings were stuck on and ready to go. Icarus stood on the edge of the window sill and…

Icarus plummeted down out of the tower then soared up into the air. “don’t fly to high to the sun!” cried Daedalus. But Icarus couldn’t hear because he was so high in the sky.

Icarus could start to feel that extraordinary heat beaming down on him. Then suddenly one single feather fell off his wings and he started to float down. Then a load of feathers fell and Icarus plunged down into the ocean. Splash! Icarus was never seen again.

By Maxwell y4

Maxwell’s Amazing Animal Story


Down in the forest there were three farmers and they were called Bobby, Thinny and Gobbler and they were disgustingly rich. Bobby was quite tall,

Very chubby and never took his clothes off, so

He was very smelly, then there was Thinny who was very, very tall and thin as a pencil.

And last of all there was Gobbler  who was the 

Most foolish farmer and extreamly fat.


One day a spider came along and ate all of the carrots that the farmers were growing. His name was Super Spider.                        


He had a red cape with soil-brown skin and a strange bobbly hat. After a while the farmers found out that all the carrots were disappearing, so they all started accusing each other.

“It must have been you Gobbler you’re so greedy!” cried Thinny.

“I know who it was.” Said Gobbler “I saw it, it was a spider that lives in a tree!”

“well lets cut down all the trees then!” snapped in Bobby. spider


One night Super Spider  and his family woke up and their tree had fallen over, “what’s going on?” asked all of  the children

“I don’t know.” Replied Super Spider quivering with fear.

Suddenly a huge waterfall burst into a hole in the tree, the last thing that Super Spider saw was the three farmers escaping to the moon and two robots taking away his children.


“where are we?” asked Super Spider weakly.

“we’ve woken up in an underground tunnel.” Replied Mrs spider. Then they both saw a rocket so they could go to the moon.


“do you even know how to control this thing?” asked Thinny

“no, I don’t” replied Bobby

“wha-aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed all the three farmers.

Plonk! Gobbler had got stuck in a crater on the moon.

Bobby and Thinny tugged but they couldn’t get Gobbler out but then Super Spider dropped a huge cage on them. They were trapped! Super Spider went back home and saved his children and planted all the trees again. But he didn’t know that the farmers are still out there… lightning

King Henry’s Portrait

This is the picture that His Royal Highness King Henry VIII has chosen to use as his official portrait. It will be taken around the courts of Europe to aid King Henry in finding a new wife, following the death of his beloved third wife Jane Seymour. Congratulations to Maxwell – his Royal Highness is much pleased with your likeness to his fit, athletic body.

Shark by Maxwell

 L.C. Can I write my own poem using excellent describing words?



I’m a mean shark, a lean shark,

 a giant shark and scary!

I’m a vicious shark, an evil shark,

And yes I’m very hairy!

I am bloodthirsty, human hungry,

I have big sharp teeth!

My home is under sea, on a coral reef!

I’m as big as a double decker I know,

I am multi-coloured and I’m on my own.

I’m more clever than the rest,

And surely I’m the best,




Maxwell’s Fantastic Story

L.C. Can I write a story in a familiar setting?


When my mum got home from work and saw me break the floor boards by jumping on them she said, “if you do that again I’ll take you to the witches house!” I’ve always wondered about that witch but I always think it’s a trick, but now I’m getting conserened that she is real.


The next day when my mum saw me knock the really expensive picture off the wall she said angrily, “put on your shoes and coat we are going to the witch!”

I  walked with her down the street then we got too the witches house.

I knocked on the door not knowing what was going to happen rat…tat…tat,

I stood there in silence shivering in the cold damp street, then suddenly the door slammed open

The witch was there standing right infront of me, I wanted to run away but she grabbed me and pulled me in.

Inside the witches house it was all slimy and there was ripped wallpaper on the walls,

then she stuck me to the wall with some strange gloop and she said, “I’m going to boil you in my bubbling cauldron!” But just when she was going to pull me in, she tripped over a stone and fell in the cauldron herself! When she fell in, the bubbling concoction splashed everywhere and melted the strange gloop I was stuck too.

Suddenly my mum slammed through the door and came to rescue me, she took me home and said, “i’ll never take you there again” and she never does.


cauldronboy  witch