Historical Stories.

We have been learning about the evacuation of children in Britain during World War II. Here are a selection of our stories that have World War II as their setting. I think that they are brilliant. Well done Year 4.

Mr Sharkey

The Story of Bob Dickinson

Boom!  Boom! Boom! Bob Dickinson was petrified and worried as the dust settled slowly around his shaking lean body. He coughed heavily. As the smoke cleared gradually he could see his destroyed, wrecked home in his South  Manchester  street .With his emerald green eyes he looked at the smashed windows and a  pile of brick that used to be his lovely house .It was the worst moment in the 39 years of his  life . He was worried about his children. 

Bob soon found out that his children were missing so he went to the beach because it was their favourite place. He got there but it took him 2 hours. However he would do any thing to get his children back. He went back home and thought of other places to look. Bob was awake for a long time but soon he nodded of.

 The next morning Bob went to go and get this post. One envelope said “that he had to go to war” but Bob was too worried about his children so he looked for the last time. When he got their there was a message in a bottle. It said “that his children were in the war” and Bob said “I have to go into war because my children are in danger”.


Bob went to his mum’s house to tell her but she disagreed. Bob begged   but 2 hours later he gave up, he said “ I give up I  am  not going into war.” Bob slowly walked home .He got home and went to sleep. Bob had a nightmare but he slept through the whole thing.

His horrible nightmare was that he had gone into the war and he came back to find his children but when he got back his children were dead. He woke up and said “ That’s it I am going to war and I don’t  care if I get shot by a gun. I just want to save my children.” So he packed   his bags and left his broken house and set off to war.

Bob was so good at shooting the others. He  shot the Germans but  he was not in the right place so he travelled to France .In France  Bob killed everyone  accept  the boss who had the children so he said “ right I will fight you” .So he got all the weapons he could  find and started fighting. The boss was winning but  Bob kept on going on. Finally Bob won and freed his children and got enough money to buy a new house and Bob become a millionaire.

By Nicola

Bob’s War Story

Boom! Boom! Boom! Bob Dickinson was petrified and worried as the dust settled slowly around his shaking lean body. He coughed heavily. As the smoke cleared gradually he could see his destroyed, wrecked home in his south Manchester Street. With his emerald green eyes he looked at the smashed windows and pile of bricks that used to be his lovely home. It was the worst moment of the 39 years of his life, he felt heart broken. He was worried about his children and his house. 

Bob looked for his children everywhere he looked especially in the forest. After five hours of hard work he decided to stay at his mums because of his bombed house. But waiting for him at his mums was a golden envelope. The envelope said that bob had to go to war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bob felt surprised but puzzled he was so scared he nearly fainted but luckily he didn’t. Bob got to the train station with a very teary face, he was going to war. Meanwhile Bob Dickinson’s girlfriend Mary Check was with their two children Susie and Joey Dickinson. They were on a very dirty boat. The children were terrified and heartbroken that they would never see their dad again. Suddenly a massive storm started. The waves were crushing against the boat. The boat suddenly got washed up on a German beach!!!!!!! 

Bob was now on fighting for his life and his country. His armour was heavy and he felt shattered. He suddenly spotted a very dirty beach. He took the risk and went to rest on the beach and guess who as there Mary, Susie and Joey. At first Bob thought he was seeing things but he ran over anyway. It was them!!!!!!!!!

Bob quickly took them home and then to the hospital. They suddenly woke up in their medical beds “Were are we” Joey said “ don’t worry your in the hospital” the nurse said clearly.  Luckily it wasn’t serious.

The next week they bought a house in Wales and lived happily ever after. Bob and Mary even got married!

By Emily



 World War 2

Boom! Boom! Boom! Bob Dickinson Was petrified and worried as the dust settled slowly around his body. He coughed heavily. As the smoke cleared gradually he could see his destroyed, wrecked home in his south Manchester Street. With his emerald green eyes he looked at the smashed windows and a pile of bricks that used to be his lovely house. It was the worst moment of his 39 years of his life. He felt heart broken. He was worried about his children.

Bob Dickinson was heart broken because he had nowhere to sleep and live. Poor bob. Afterward he went to his mums house to tell her about evacuated children and his destroyed home “Can I live with you mum” Said Bob “Yes you can my dear” Said Bobs mum. 

Many weeks later, Bob got a letter Saying you need to join the army we are low on troops please join. But bob did not join he went to find his children.

He had 1 more day and then went. The day finally came Bob went to find his children in the countryside. He got there on the train he knew what care home they were at. They were at country care home. So he went there to collect them and took them back to Bobs Mum house.

When they got back to Bobs Mum’s house her mum had 5017 thousand pounds from the bank to buy a lovely new home.

By Alex

 World War 2

Boom! Boom! Boom! Bob Dickinson was petrified and worried as the dust settled slowly around shaking lean body. He coughed heavily. As the smoke cleared gradually he could see his destroyed wrecked home in his south Manchester Street. With his emerald green eyes he looked at the smashed windows and a pile bricks   that use to be his lovely house. It was the worst moment in the 39 years of his life. He felt hart broken. He was worried about his children.


What am I going to do? Said Bob I will look for my children. Then Bob looked at his broken home but they weren’t there. On Monday Bob woke up as possibly as he can. After a wile Bob got a latter saying you can go to the war (if you want) oh dear said Bob what am I going to do? But he caped on searching and searching and searching. Bob was petrified and angry. After a wile Bob decided to go to the army. Then Bob went on the boat. Bob was feeling sea sick and he got sick on a man’s shoe. After Bob went off the boat and shooting violently


Bang! Bang! Bob was doing very well. Half way though he went to the beach and he found a piece of one of the children’s clothing thank goodness said Bob.


Then another letter came and said we are in the war in 32 devil road from mum and the children. Let’s go there! Bob was jumping with excitement. YES! YES! YES! After that the children saw Bob dad and after that they had a new poplar house and Bob and the children were ecstatic.    

By Ben

 The Time of  War

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Bob Dickinson was petrified and worried as the dust settled around his lean body.

He coughed heavily as the smoke cleared gradually he saw his house in his street with his emerald green eyes he looked at the smashed windows that used to belong in his front room. It was the worst moment in his 39 years of life. He was absolutely heart broken. He was worried about his to children and his wife.


” Penny! William! are you there?” Shouted Bob. “You are Bob, right? I know where your children are. There being evacuated !!”

Bob grabbed Penny some choclate. When he arrived they weren’t there. “Where could they be? Have you seen my children?! 1boy and one girl with black hair?”   “I saw them rush of before. They said they were looking for a a bloke called bob Dickinson.” “OH NO!!” shouted Bob, “I just lost them by the skin of my teeth!!!!!!!!!!!   it hurts me to wonder where they are! Oh, they could have gone back to the house. They could have been there the whole time” said Bob.

 At last he arrived. He climbed into the children’s old destroyed bedroom but they were not there. he looked everywhere but there was no sign of them. Bob was eggsausted. Meanwhile the children were on a small hill in the middle of knowhere not far from they hadn’t got a clue! The children hadn’t ate for several days. On the hill the trees was bare, they didn’t dare to wonder. William was the oldest. Penny was only 6 so William had to look after her and make sure that she was safe. Luckily they saw a man passing by. A kind man saw them, he was from the city. He said…”Ooh you poor whippersnappers” and gave them both a peace of bread. they were very grateful.

Many weeks later they were sent to the train station. Meanwhile Bob was still searching for William and Penny. He decided to check the train station one more time. He saw William’s face pressed against the windowsill and Bob ran in front of the train and singled it to stop. William and Penny jumped off the train and leaped in to Bob’s arms. Bob now saw their mother in the distance. They all gave each other a great big hug. But Bob and Helen did have some serious injuries. The children just needed  a few stitches. Bob had a broken arm and they had to stay there for a few days. But after that Bob raised enough money to buy a new house and England won the war and they were happy for the rest of there lives.    The children grew up to be as smart  as Bob. Penny had a little boy and named it BOB !!! 

by Kayleah

Bob Dickinson On the Hunt

Boom! Boom! Boom! Bob Dickinson was petrified and worried as the dust settled slowly around his shaking lean body. He coughed heavily. As the smoke cleared gradually he could see his destroyed, wrecked home in . With his emerald green eyes he looked at the smashed windows and the pile of bricks that used to be his lovely home. It was the worst day of his 39 years of his life. He felt heartbroken. He was worried about his children.


Bob went looking for his children. First he looked on the beach but there was no sigh there.

Then he looked down the next street. Next he decided to go to his dads. Then he heard the postman say” Bob has a letter from the army”. Next he got the letter and read the letter it said “Dear Bob please join the army we don’ have many people. We only have 1ooo people”.


The problem: will he go to the army or will he find his children? He decided to find his children. Next he sent a letter back saying “I have lost my children. I will find them first”. Later he started looking. First he looked on the beach again but there was no sigh there but then he saw something in the water. He sprinted to it. It was a bottle with a message. It said “Bob Dickinson’s children are in my house. My house is 41 Dusty Ave Springfield Wigan England.


The problem! The problem! It has been solved. All I have to do now is find her. Then he ran as fast as he could to find  the person. Two hours later he found the house and knocked on the door. No one awserd so he knocked again. This time someone awserd. It was a girl. As soon as they looked into each others eyes they where in love.

The next day they went to dinner together. She said her name was Ava. He didn’t notice that he was in Greater Manchester and the slightly bombed café was called Home Sweet Home. The next day he asked her “will you marry me?” she whispered “yes” and 1hour later he yelled “ where are the children?” she replied “ holiday in south Africa” he said “ holiday in south Africa” he said “thank you for telling”. He said “have this gas mask” “and will you help me build my home back” and she yelled “yes”. Later that day there children came home and they were found and they got married.

 Many weeks later they had a baby and they named the baby Emily Dickinson. The day after that the house was back to normal and they moved out to Wales because it was safe and sound there. They never had a problem again apart from the children falling out.  

by Lucy

Rachel M’s and Molly’s Stories.




One hot sunny day there was a little girl with blonde, long beautiful hair. She was small and she loved camping .Her eyes were as blue as the ocean. Through the gloomy, misty forest and over the tall mountain there was a smelly bog that was greener than the rottenest grass .Down, down deep in the bog there was a huge dragon. It had fish like scales with the shiniest body that was brighter than the brightest star. He could breathe the most magnificent fire that could burn the entire forest with one puff .His wings were redder than a volcano’s fire and he loved to eat people.


The next morning Tina was so board. Then she had a fantastic idea. Tina went camping. She so excited. As she was walking the wood got mistier and mistier. Tina got scared so she ran and ran until she realized it was getting steeper .Suddenly she tripped over and fell in a bog. Then something grabbed her leg and pulled her in “AHHHHHH!” she screamed “AHHHHH! Why are you screaming? Oh yes, I am a dragon” called Drongo. So then he invited her in for mud tea and worm cookies. He told Tina that he knew that Tina would come and find his precious egg.


After they looked everywhere, then Drongo had a great idea “follow me to the mountain”. Suddenly it exploded. Drongo and Tina flew away.


Then the egg landed in Tina’s hands and Drongo had his egg again and he promised to never lose it again.         

By Rachel M



Georgia’s magical egg

One bright sunny morning a girl called Georgia woke up. She had beautiful blonde hair and had eyes which were as blue as the sky. Georgia lived in a very, very, very old caravan. It had a broken door, two bedrooms, one kitchen one bathroom and a living room. Her hobbies were reading she only liked reading. But she hated football.


One night Georgia was very tired. She was always tired because she was lazy. Suddenly Georgia thought she saw something in her bedrooms dolls house so she walked over to the dolls house and opened it. Georgia was so shocked she fainted “what was that?” was the last thing she said. But the last thing she saw was a green and blue egg which was broken with orange inside.


One hour later Georgia woke up and felt something bounce on her belly it was a dragon “what! Who are you?” she squead “I am Draigo” the dragon said “I was born here and there’s going to be an earthquake”. Suddenly a big roar cried and the earth began to shake “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” they both screamed “THE EGG” screamed Georgia. As the egg rolled away.


Two minutes later the earthquake was over but they couldn’t find the egg “weres the egg” said Draigo. So they crawled and walked around the house. “I FOUND THE EGG” screamed Draigo followed by a flamey carpet and a puff of smoke.

Georgia went into the living room and saw her carpet on fire, Draigo smiling and a broken egg “put that fire out” said Georgia gently. Suddenly it went out. Georgia looked up as pink dust fell on her then she was a dragon and they lived on Dragon Island forever.

 By Molly 


Shanice’s Story

A Fantasy Story


Once there lived a dragon called Cloudy. He was nice, pretty, loud, but mostly very unpopular. Cloudy was at home watching tv very sadly.


But suddenly he heard a bang “Bang! Bang! Bang!” so Cloudy went out side. It was an ugly, snotty high voiced goblin “let me in” he said in his high voice. “What are you doing?” he sobbed “I’m Ralf. Can I live with you I’m homeless?” Cloudy’s excitement grew “Yes. Yes you can, you can” as he was hugging Ralf  “hey get off me. So tell me about yourself” well I’m very unpopular  “ha-ha! I’m popular everyone loves me.” he laughed. Cloudy was depressed “hey we could go school together.” “ok”. Finally it was the end of school and cloudy was waiting for Ralf to come out of the toilet. He said to himself “hurry up Ralf. Come its nearly the end of school.”


But he was taking too long. At last he was out. He was walking to the door “oh no were locked in!” cried cloudy. Then Ralf found a hammer but still they couldn’t get out. Suddenly they fell down a hole. It was darker than the starry night “Ahhh!” Ralf screamed “hey!” shouted cloudy.  They found a key then a ring. But then the ring glowed and it was shinier than the stars. The ring wouldn’t come off Ralf’s finger but then “Pwoosh!”  they were gone. They were in the middle off nowhere. “I’m scared” said Ralf “the ring won’t come off”.


They were very scared but suddenly the key glowed and they were back in school but the ring and key had gone.


So Ralf and Cloudy were happy and they got jobs and they lived happily ever after.



by Shanice

Jizelle’s Story

Long ago there lived a beautiful dragon called Dino. His skin colour was green and blue. He lived in a green forest under lots of mud. It was ice cold. On top of the mud there was an old cottage it was one million years old. In the cottage lived a little girl called Jizabelle, she was 9 years old and had brown long hair.


One day Jizabelle went for a walk through the forest. When she was walking she was looking at the sky. The sky looked very sunny. There was a very big rock that Jizabelle tripped over and hurt her knee.


Jizabelle could not get up because of her sore knee. She tried and tried to get up but she just couldn’t. The sky was getting dark and Jizabelle was getting scared. Just then Jizabelle saw something flying up in the air. It was Dino coming to fly Jizabelle to the scraggy little cottage. Jizabelle was surprised, she had never seen a dragon before. Dino took Jizabelle back to her little cottage. Jizabelle realized Dino lived under mud were it was ice cold. So Jizabelle wrote an invitation to come to her cottage. She left the invitation on top of the sloppy mud.


Later that day Dino saw the letter and knocked on the old cottage door. Jizabelle was making dinner for her and Dino. Dino leaped in to the kitchen and Jizabelle and Dino ate the tea together. Dino realized that Jizabelle was such a nice beautiful girl. Jizabelle said to Dino “would you like to live with me” Dino said “yes”.

By Jizelle

Dragon Stories

Here are some of the fantastic dragon stories we have been working on in Literacy. Well done Year 4 – keep up the excellent work.

Mr Sharkey

Dragon story

Long ago there was a scary ugly dragon. he was called pongo and he had the most smelliest slimy bottom. he had bloody red wings and he blew the most multi coulered fire. He liked girly ballet and manly tennis and eating people. Over the volcano in a dark dull forest there was a little girl called Tina she lived in a foster home. She was as tiny as a jellybean. She was lazy and she had very dark hair and she didn’t believe in dragons.


Later that day Tina was really bored, nothing exciting happened in the grumpy foster home. So she decided to go hiking. She tiptoed down stairs like a mouse. Then she went hiking near the volcano. she fell down a gloomy hole and thought she saw something strawberry red at the corner of her beautiful eye. She was anxious and excited.


As dusk was approaching Tina decided to search for the thing she saw earlier so she picked her self up and brushed the dust of her shaky legs. As she was walking she saw a massive foot print and she could fit 50 of her tiny feet in it. The excitement grew inside so she followed the foot print she ran as fast as a cheetah. Then she saw a cave and heard a big roar. She fainted and banged her head on a rock. The last thing she saw was lava coming in the cave.


Seconds later pongos spiky blood red nose sniffed Tina’s terror from the top of the exploding  volcano. He swooped rapidly and hungrily into the terrifying cave. Just when he was about to eat her he thought she was pretty and angel like. So he scooped her up and took her to safety out of the terrifying cave.


That day Tina kissed pongo and she turned into a dragon. They got married and they were happier than a penguin feasting on fish. Their honeymoon was Dragon Island. There were coconut trees and it was very sandy. And there was a hut for then to stay in. when they came back they had baby twins and pongo became a ballet teacher and Tina is working at a day care centre. they were very happy and they lived happily ever after.

By Shanice

                                                                      Dragon story

 Long ago there lived a slimy green coloured dragon called pongo and his bottom had flies on it .he could breath the most magnifsant multi couled fire. There was nothing pongo liked more than ballet dancing and eating people especially black haired little girls. On the other side of the spooky scary forest there lived a black haired little girl called Tina .she lived in a spooky foster home and she did not believe in dragons.   

   Later on that day Tina was very bored because nothing exciting ever happened at the boring foster home. So she decided to tip toe out and go hiking so she climbed out the window. When she was hiking she found a volcano and suddenly she stumbled down the deep dark volcano when she was getting up she thought she saw a scale. It was as red as the volcanoes fire. She was a little anxious and a little bit excited too.      

At dusk Tina decided to go searching for the thing that she saw earlier on out of the corner of her eye. So she climbed out of her rusty old nearly broken window .she jumped down and started walking slowly and calmly. She still did not believe in dragons. Just then her mind changed because she saw a humongous foot step. The excitement rose inside her and she decided to follow the georamas foot step. as she was walking she found spooky old cave. suddenly she heard a big roar and she hit her head on a piece of rock .the last thing she saw was lava poring over the entrance to the cave

 Second’s later pongos blood red nose sniffed out Tina from the bottom of the volcano. so pongo swooped down and just as he was about  to feast on her he saw how beautiful and ghostly she was so instead of eating her he scooped her up and flew her to safety out of the cave.    

 Just as the sun was setting Tina awoke and found that she was in the arms of a dragon!!! .she screamed as loud as she could. suddenly she turned into a dragon and they all lived happily ever after.

by Alicia M