Leila’s Great Story

Once upon time Daedalus who was a great builder was locked inside a tall tower with his son Icarus. They longed return to Athens but king Minos would be frightened they if they reviled the secret way to get out if they could fight…                                                                                                                                  the next day Daedalus had put some bird seed on the window ledge and then a bird came and dropt a feather and Daedalus had a plan and when he had done his son already new  so he started to put them on then they started to fly and Daedalus told him don’t fly to close to the sun he did not listen and he went to close and the wax started melt and then he just fell the end.

Leila’s Amazing Animal Story

squid2One day there was a squid he was called fantastic
Mr squid he wanted to be a superhero he had some next door neighbours
there was mad jelly  he stared running

around when he heard the name squid and there was  Mr sharky
the bad hunted  diver he lived in

a underwater hunted house and squid had a diamond shape at the top of his head.
The next   day mad jelly was playing football with his
friends the ball got kicked near the haunted house.
So he went to get it but
his friends did not want him but he did not and a carpet pulled him in then
squid so he ran in then he found him then the carpet pushed them out then Mr
sharky came and hunted them but then hi stopped the end by Leila


Leila’s Brilliant Story

My mum shouted at the top of her voice if your bad I’ll take you to little uncle Benis

Little uncle Benis I will tell you about him now.


He lives in the oldest house I have seen before. It is really creaky house and it is really high

Up and Ther are some steps what lead up to the top and the steps are really creaky steps

And it stinks like rotten eggs that’s been duct in a garbage bin and it was black

As anything and you would not like It that much you would die. All about me my name is Leila and I like it when my

Friends come to my house and I am very very very! Terrified to go to little Uncle Benis

That’s all about me.


Later that day I was playing with an axe an and I was running at a tree and I chopped it down and my mum and dad came and they where like angry bulls chasing I pise of red so that mines that they where so angry.

 So they took me but just as we got there they said I’ll let you of this time but next time I’ll take you the next day a was playing with a ball

And it went flying across the room and it smashed the TV and then she got back and then she took me to little uncle benis and I said please please and I started bursting out crying but guess what yes you got it right they took me and instead I got some sweets and a bit of every single pop you   can get .when I got home my mum said if your good I’ll take you to little uncle benis the end.