Leaving year 4

today was a sad day because we left year 4 I had great fun being y4 because we did awesome P.E lessons not so good maths but……the pyramids was good and time’s table.but art with Mrs.noris was brilliant.I loved doing science and history.espially literacy I loved the story about Henry box.mr.sharkey you have done a good job teaching us all so thank you alooooooooooooooot you are the best.i will miss you next year when I go into year 5 but I think I will have fun there to.(but 1 thing I will never forget is that your favourite meal is steak and chips)????????????????


what has a foot but no legs……………a snail

I’m tall when I am young short when I’m old what am I……………a candle

what comes down but never go’s up………….rain

what has 4 eyes but can’t see…………..misisnippyi

what has hands but can clap………..a clock


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Vicar Tina

today year 4 class went to st.Andrews church and met our new vicar.vicar Tina


.the red light represent that Jesus is always with us.

.I found the bishop it is a very special, chair it is in the choir stand.

.I found out that the font had a special lid and they lift up when people are getting baptised.

.I found out that the church was made in 1882 I think.

What whent well today book

FRIDAY 18th MARCH 2016

Today it was sport relief in St.Andrews school and in lots of other schools in Wigan and other places and we ran a mile and a mile is 5 laps around the school field it was great after we was all super tired but… We all had a big drink after we did one extra lap altogether and Mr.Sharkey took pictures of us and videos it was great. And that is the end of my day in this school sooooo byby for now.

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