My trip to Legoland

ON Monday the 12th of July me and my class went on a school trip to Lego land  

On a coach .It was very boring and noisy .I could not think when we got there 

I was shocked I saw a Lego gril and a boy .It was well cool and it was still rayning.

We met some people who work there after a wile we went in to a 4 d cinema. 

We watched all kinds of things like Blackpool tower after a while we had dinner

And we went in a mini version of wacky ware house .I felt happy and excited.

Before we had to wait a long, long time to go to the   toilet at last we went then

 We went to a ride on king quest I felt happy then we went to the shop .I got a

Keyring of some Lego and a book and a pen then we went back home. overall

I thought that our class trip to Lego land was fantistatic, I was blown a way

If I could choose where to go on are next school trip I would choose pleasure beach

in Blackpool and also sleep in a hotel for 2 weeks. If we do go I would feel rely

good because it is cool and fun .Also they will have picket my  idea.

by Kayleigh

Lego Land

First thing on Monday morning we arrived at school ready to go on our school trip to Lego land. I felt nervous secondly I carefully got on the coach. Next we set off to Lego land in Manchester Trafford centre. Later I was desperate for the toilts. It tock about 10.00 hours! finally my best part was the Lego cars. On the way back I felt to sleep.     

 by Ethan

p.s. the four de cinema was with ibis and the races we had guns wet shot laser.

Lego Land


One Monday morning y3 & y4 went on a school Trip to go to Lego land in Manchester. I felt exited and nervous. After we were on the  Gray way and it took forever on the coach.

Finally we went of the coach and it was raining badly. After we had a long queue. 

After we watched a video and we saw professor brick and she told us how to make Lego and we got our own bricks. After that we went on kingdom quest! The laser game and it was cool. After that we went to see Lego man city stadium and black pool tower. Then we went to a big area with a big pile of Lego pieces. After that we went in a 4d cinema and we watched Bob the builder and it was fun. Then we went on a game when we spun a lever and it was good. Then we went in a play ground. It was a fire academy and it was brilliant fun. Then we had our lunch and it was yummy. After we went to Lego races and me and Jamie ware partners. We made a funny car with 3 wheals. After that we went to the big Lego shop and it was excellent.

by Ben

lego land


On Monday morning 12th 2010 it was my school trip. I was so exited that I almost screamed the coach took a long time. Finally I got on the coach. Afterwards we got to Lego land.

In Lego land we wonderfully went in a big room and professor brick made real Lego in a big machine then we went on a train kingdom quest. Then we went to a place were there was lots of Lego models and there was a ball pool full of Lego and we went in it. And we made Lego models. Then I went to the 4d cinema and then we had lunch and we came into a place were we could build Lego cars then we raced them. We raced them. We went to the gift shop and I bought a Lego man and a pen and a notebook. Then I went home.

My favorite part of the day was when we went in the 4d cinema, because it was fun.  Overall I thought our class trip to Lego land was interesting because we got to play and learn and it was great. If I could choose were to go on a class trip I would choose chocolate factory and would get free chocolate

– Well sometimes 

My lego land story


One Monday morning it was finally a break from work. It was the end of the year school trip. We got there by a very tall gray way coach, my partners were Kelsey and Freya we were all bored but extremely hyper.

All my class and y4 now y5 went to Lego land. Mr. Sharkey, Mrs. Rooks, Mrs. Rooks, Mrs. Crooks and even Jamie’s mum Mrs. Marshall came.

Finally, we got to LEGOLAND!!!!

 Me and Freya felt like screaming with excitement but we didn’t just incase we got told off. When we got there it was pouring with rain.

Finally we got in to the lego land building. The first thing we saw was loads of people cueing for lego land. Wow amazing not. At last it our turn to go inside AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! The first person we saw was Professor Brick. She told us how to make Lego and then she gave us a Lego peace each. Next we went to Kingdom Quest it was a lazar ride. Next was mini land there was cities like London and Manchester all made out of Lego. Just inside of mini land it was like a tornado you had to build a building, then you pressed a button and it shook. Then finally we had our sandwiches yum yum. After that we went in the four D cinema!!!! It was so cool. When the woman it was bob the builder I thought it was going to be boring but it was out of this world!!!!! Then we went  the fire academy playground that was ok but it wasn’t the best bit. Then we tested cars that we built. Finally we went in the gift shop. I got a toy zebra for my mum and my step dad, si.

Overall, I thought that our class trip to Lego land was shocking because they could build amazing things out of tiny Lego. If I could choose any were to go on are next school trip I would go to the Trafford centre or Wigan little theatre because I’ve never been. 

by emily j

Lego Land Discovery Centre

On a Monday morning we went to Lego land. The first thing we did was the register and the people who went were the class, me, the teachers and Mrs Marshall and y4.

 We went to Lego land in the Trafford Centre. We went to the toilets before we went in. The Trafford Centre is in Manchester. It was boring having to wait but we only had to wait for 5 or 10 minutes.

On Monday morning, my partner on the coach was Charlotte N. I was a bit happy on the coach because Charlotte and I   played M.I.High.

Finally we got in. The first thing we did was watch Professor Brick because she was the one who showed us to make brick’s with a little movie. Next we went on kingdom quest –it had guns for us to shoot things. Afterwe went to mini land. We all saw Lego Blackpool tower. There was this horse race thing race thing and I won every race that I did. Then we had dinner. After dinner we went in the 4d cinema. We watched Bob the builder. Then we went in the play area. In the play area there was this dark slide. I didn’t go down it because I’m scared of the dark. Next we went making cars or should I say transport. Last of all we did this puzzle thing.

We got there by coach. On the coach it was boring. We played a bit of I spy and a bit of guessing what is going to be there. But we didn’t get one right. I went because it was the end of year school trip. It was good.

Overall, I thought that our class trip to Lego land was fantastic. If I could choose where to go on our next school trip, I would choose Camelot because of the big rides.

by Lucy


On Monday morning y3&y4 were going to Lego land at the Trafford centre in the department Barton square. We got there by coach (do not know what company) when we got to the Trafford centre car park we had a drink on the coach. After we got off the coach we walked to Lego land and we had to wait 25 minutes till we could enter Legoland. So we went to the toilet and we had to wait for a long time then we went back and y3 got in lego land first and y4 looked around the shop.

When we got inside we went upstairs we watch a video how to make lego. Then we went to Professor Brick then we all got a factory brick. Then we went on KINGDOM QUEST you had lazar guns you had to shoot aliens. Then we went into a room with dotted floor and you had to complete a puzzle. We completed it 2. Then we went to a 4d cinema it was bob the builder when it rains spray water and if it snowed it had bubbly soap.

 After we had are diner I had cheese spread on my sandwiches. After we went to a play area called Fire Academy there was a big slide right down to the bottom it was fun. Then we made Lego cars we built them, tested them and we raced them mine broke every time.

 Then we went to the toilet and when I went in the toilet the lights off and it was cool. Then we went to the shop and we were allowed to spend £5.00 I bought a police set and I got 50P. Then we sat in the corner and waited for y3&y4 to come to the corner.


Then we walked back to the coach and had another drink of water and then went back to school it was so boring on the coach. Finally we got back then we were back for home time at 3:15. 

  Overall I thought that our class trip to Lego land was totally awesome. If I could choose were to go for are next school trip I will choose Lego land Windsor because it has lots of rides there and it is well cool.   

 By Alex K