Shahd has recently joined our class.  She is from a place in Libya called Tripolii.  I’ve had a look on the internet and this is what I found out about her country:

Libya  is a country in North Africa. it’s on the border of the Mediterranean Sea.  Other countries near to Libya are Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Algeria and Tunisia.

Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa and the 17th largest in the world!!!  There are almost six and a half million people who live there!!   It’s capital is named Tripoli.   The flag of Libya consists of just a green field .

I wellcome her warmly to are class year 4 🙂

By Kayleah A

Different langueges

First i am going to teach you some italian

Ciao questo breve pezzo di informazioni è sugli Incas, ma in italiano! ihope che ti piace

Inkas era ricco, ma che lo diddnt Meen con la quantità di oro che avevano, ma il francese ha fatto il francese è andato ovwer al Inca e il thourght Incas che erano loro divinità solari! E tooiko più di là dell’or

The Tudors è stato molto disgustoso e che attraverso la loro attività fuori dalla finestra!

Now about the ancient roman gods and godesses in german
 Die Römer haben viele Götter und Göttinnen auch für die stupidist Dinge wie clocina aber ein netter afriditi ist die Göttin der buety:)
I hope that ytou like it 🙂

Horrible histories

This is a link which will allow you to play games (to do with historie) watch clips of episods and listen to the spectacular songs to learn more about  favorite is the king of bling by Charles the 2nd are also songs about tudors monks,inkans,boudicca (wich is awesome!!!) and another one of my faviroties the spartan school musical

Bye Kayleah A.

The Celts (by kayleah)

How long did the celts rule England? Around 15 years but they were great frighters! And they had some pretty wierd activites. they would tatoo all round thier bodys and the boys would never wear tops!  

The Celtic tribes attacked the Romans and brought down the empire. Thus, in 410 AD they had the start of a 1000 years of the “dark ages”. The Romans were seen as the world force at the time and the Celtic tribes wanted some of that power.
by Kayleah

The miniplanet explanation text for newbies to miniplanet. L.c can i write a explanation text? GREEN

On a game called mini planet on the computer I decided to make a explanation text for the new people on mini planet and i thought that you would like to hear it …

First newbies ask your friends to add you as a nieghbour
Then go to the packet of cards at the bottom of the screen. that is where you play all of the great games like top spin of cube.
Now for the difficult bit. go to the bottom of the screen. to the right you will see a globe. click on the globe to go to the contry yard and more places as you progress on mini planet. you may be having trouble going out from your house but if you go into a diffrent area such as your friends house then miniplanets will escort you out of the room.
Now that you are in the contry yard lets go and add a buddie!!! How to add a buddie,well actually it is pretty easy !!! First you click on the boy/girl that you would like to add. here is an example: if you wanted to add somebody, say that there username is kjcool, (me) click with your mouse, then click the small image around the bottom of there profile that popped up to you afew seconds ago:) (now that you have added them as a buddy a nice thing to do is give love and happiness to them)(by clicking the love heart) As you play you will get better and better on mini planet right here i have tourght you the basic things about mini planet ENJOY !!!
Kayleah A

Howard Carter

Howard Cater was the man who found Thutan khamun Egypt’s fifth king who had had mummification. He did not believe in the curse. When he found the mummy he had a mosquito bite on his cheek but on king thutan’s cheek he had one in exactly the same place. Howard Carter was in his 40’s or 50’s when he found the mummy. Seventeen years later he died by natrual causes.

By Kayleah A

Henry VIII

Henry was the second Tudor monarch. He broke with the Papacy in Rome and established the Church of England, initiating the English Reformation.

Henry was born on 28 June 1491 in Greenwich. After the death of his elder brother Arthur in 1502, Henry VIII became heir to the English throne. Seven years later his father Henry VII died and he was crowned king of England. Shortly afterwards he married Catherine of Aragon, Arthur’s widow. Henry increasingly relied on Thomas Wolsey to rule for him and Wolsey became lord chancellor in 1515.

One of Henry’s favourite pursuits, alongside hunting and dancing, was to wage war. Wolsey organised the first French campaign and proved to be an outstanding minister. The Scots were defeated at Flodden in 1513. But war with France ultimately proved expensive and unsuccessful and Wolsey’s ascendancy was cut short by Henry’s need for a male heir. He was determined to replace Catherine – whose only surviving child was a daughter, Mary, but the pope refused to grant the divorce. In 1533, Henry went ahead anyway and married Anne Boleyn, with whom he had a daughter, Elizabeth. The pope excommunicated him, and parliamentary legislation confirmed Henry’s decision to break with Rome. With the help of Wolsey’s replacement, Thomas Cromwell, Henry established himself as head of the Church of England and ordered the dissolution of the monasteries. Henry grew tired of Anne Boleyn, who had failed to produce a male heir, and she was executed for adultery and treason in 1536. Jane Seymour became queen and in 1537 produced a male heir, Edward, but died after childbirth.

By Kayleah