Ivegill Penpals

In geoghraphy we are writing a letter to a school in Ivegill we will be writing to a mixed class of y3 and y4 I am really exited.

Ivegill is a small village in Crumbia it is surrounded by fields the school looks tiny from the pictures that I have seen.

I cant wait to meet the children of Ivegill school and learn how they live their life and tell them how we live are life in Wigan

Kayleah A

All about me!!!

Hi, I am Kayleah A. I love to go on the School Web and put posts on my name is the 2nd biggest Alex has put on MILLIONS of posts on I THINK JUST OVER FIFTY!!!

I have a pet dog called Buster he is the best 🙂 He always makes me laugh and smile, he is always very vey very very jumpy and boisterous and he always wants to play!

I love to write storys I used to have a book with 11 pages with stories that I had written but when my cousions had messed up my room we had to clean it again I was taking a cup down stairs and then I could not find it anywhere they said that they did not move it but i knew that they did.

I absolutley adore singing and dancing when I grow up that is what I would to like to do for my job I do it all of  the time with all of my friends. 

I go to St Andrews school and have a fun time.

I have a brilliant family and a brillinant friend

By kayleah A


Bubbles is Mrs Hitchens rat Bubbles is really cute. She has lots of treats and toys, A bluberry woden fish, A bit of chorky block (which she ate loads of) And much much much more treats!

She is a dumbo rat we all asked questions about her mrs Hitchen told us to search on google images fancy rats here are some of the images

By Kayleah A


Kayleah’s instructions on How to Train your Dragon

Well there are lots of amazing methods on how to train your dragon but today i am going to tell you the most heart – wrenching methods on how to train your dragon (BREIFLY)

It is briefly  because i don’t want to give you to much help because i want you to put some very hard work to complete your task

First you WILL need some  equipment a bob the builders hat aint good enough it is inadequate!!! We need some amazing head gear such as a skater helmet we will also need a rope not a cats toy string!!! An ice wrench not a sword!!! (that’s a bit over the limit!!!)

Now that you have all of your equipment time to capture the strong, bizarre creature, surley you want a muscular one not a prissy girly one!!!

You will have to travel to a nursey because you dont wont an old dragon with a broken leg!!!  I would suggest a nursery high up in the mountains where no-one else has already found the endangered species!  Remember to be very quite as they are always sleeping (we need beauty sleep but they need strength sleep!)

Now you have your dragon, its time for the dificult bit…..TRAINING YOUR DRAGON!!!

Firstly, pick an encouragement treat for your dragon but be aware…..all the female dragons are vegetarians BUT the boys……love a meaty treat!!!  I would suggest that for the girls, a bucket of oats and the boys a big fat juicy chicken…..if you give them one of these then they are sure to do WHATEVER you ask them to. 

Now that all of that is taken care of, it is time to nurse your dragon….check their wings to make sure they are ok….if they’re not then they will ignore whatever you say….so be sure to check thoroughly.

It is now time to begin the training!  I hope that you have studying your dragonese at the camp! 

To make them sit order them to sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit in a quite whispery voice.  If they seem to ignore you, give them some encouragement treats that you should have bought earlier.

To make them fly order them to f f f f f f f fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffly.

Now for the most difficult and messy bit of the training…..teaching them potty training!!!!

To teach them how to be potty trained, say in a firm voice “papapapotty” and point to the outside door, every time they do this properly give them one of your tastiest treats…..a piece of juicy steak warm out of the oven for the boys and some nice tender brocolli for the girls.

Having trouble with the fire breathing….dont worry…i know just what to do!  Gently approach your dragon and kneel down infront of him like you are about to pray and pat his head gently so you have his attention.  When he looks at you say ‘nanananan, youyouyou, nanananeed, tootootoo oonly breathe fafafafire at the dragon park!’

These are the brief instructions on how to train your dragon.  I hope that this will help you in your years of need!!

by Kayleah A


Cold breeze swaying trees

Apples on the trees honey collecting bees

birds soar thats fun sure!!!

Summer days time to play

Summer nights bed and its still light!

Disco at school kids rule

In the pool swimmings cool

Cool girls smelly boys

Eiffel tower we have power

Mums Dads Goods Bads

Cold Nights winter frights

Then we have snow and a HOHOHO

By kayleah a