Jizelle’s Story

Long ago there lived a beautiful dragon called Dino. His skin colour was green and blue. He lived in a green forest under lots of mud. It was ice cold. On top of the mud there was an old cottage it was one million years old. In the cottage lived a little girl called Jizabelle, she was 9 years old and had brown long hair.


One day Jizabelle went for a walk through the forest. When she was walking she was looking at the sky. The sky looked very sunny. There was a very big rock that Jizabelle tripped over and hurt her knee.


Jizabelle could not get up because of her sore knee. She tried and tried to get up but she just couldn’t. The sky was getting dark and Jizabelle was getting scared. Just then Jizabelle saw something flying up in the air. It was Dino coming to fly Jizabelle to the scraggy little cottage. Jizabelle was surprised, she had never seen a dragon before. Dino took Jizabelle back to her little cottage. Jizabelle realized Dino lived under mud were it was ice cold. So Jizabelle wrote an invitation to come to her cottage. She left the invitation on top of the sloppy mud.


Later that day Dino saw the letter and knocked on the old cottage door. Jizabelle was making dinner for her and Dino. Dino leaped in to the kitchen and Jizabelle and Dino ate the tea together. Dino realized that Jizabelle was such a nice beautiful girl. Jizabelle said to Dino “would you like to live with me” Dino said “yes”.

By Jizelle