I love school sooo much!!!. my bests are kelsey (is soo coool), emily (IS THE BEST), kayleigh b (sooo amazing). my favourite lesson is numeracy because i love numbers. my favourit   number is 8 because i am 8 and when i am 9 my favourite number will be 9. my lest favourite number is 17 the reason being it is 8 + 9  and the ansewer is 17 that is the reason.

by jessica r


Mathletics is fun and is good because people get to play against people all over the world. Click on the tab that says Mathletics and there is a hall of fame. Some times your friends might be on it and even you might be on it.I love it because when my friends are playing live I can play against them if we click at the same time.




by jessica r


Boom! Boom! Boom!



 Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bob Dickinson was petrified and worried as the dust settled slowly around his shaking-lean body. He coughed heavy as the smoke cleared gradually he could see his destroyed wrecked house. With his emerald green eyes he looked at the smashed windows and pile of bricks that used to be his lovely house. It was the worst moment of his 39 years of his life. He felt heartbroken. He was worried about his children. Later that night Bob decided to look for his children he looked on the bench but they weren’t there then he fond a bottle saying “if you get this letter you will go to war” he decided to look for his children.    


 Later that day he gave up and decided to go to war. A few yeas later he came back and adopted 2 more children called Rolo and Mary and also moved to the countryside.  

 By Jessica

Well done Year 4 Badminton Champions!

Congratulations to all the children who attended the Badminton Festival at Robin Park. A funtime was had by all and our two teams were brilliant as they finished 1st and 2nd overall. A wonderful achievement! Well done Ben, Jamie, Megan, Emily, Lucy, Luke, Ryan and Jessica – fantastic performances all round. As ever, your behaviour was outstanding and you are an asset to yourselves and your school. A big thanks to all our supportive parents and a special thank you to Mrs Marshall and Mr and Mrs Ackers for cheering us on and helping out with transport.

See you all at practise next Tuesday. Well done Year 4.

Mr Sharkey