I love Christmas because you get up in the morning there will be lots of presents on the floor but you will only get presents if you are good. christmas is a time of year were you spend time with your family. On Christmas day you selerbrate Jesus’s birthday. Lots of people on Christmas day have a christmas dinner.Reindeers  guide santa’s sleigh.On Christmas day some people go christmas carroling.On the 1st of December people open their Christmas calenders on the count down to Christmas.Lots of people go to Christmas partys and adults go and watch school christmas plays.Lots of people put Christmas decorations on their houses.


The 6 wives of Henry vlll and how they died

The first wife of  Henry was Catherine of Aragon she got divorresed and died of old age. The second wife of  Henry was Anne Boleyn she was beheaded. The third wife of Henry was Jane Seymour she died of having a baby and she was Henrys favourite wife.The fourth wife of Henry was Anne of cleeves she was german and Henry didant think she was very pretty so he married her and then divorrsed her and she died of old age.The fith wife of Henry was Catherine Howard she got her head chopped off .The last wife of Henry was Catherine parr she surrvived Henryand she died of old age.



I think mathletics is really good beacause it can help your children improve on their maths when your you can click play live mathletics if you click at the same time as your friend you might go against then there five different levals leval one, leval two, leval three, leval four and leval five if you get onethousand points in a week you will get a bronze certificate if you get five bronze certificates you will get a silver if you get four silvers you will get a gold. if you beat your high score on the levals you will get ten credits and if you come first you will get five credits can be used at the shop to buy clothes, hairstyles, hairshades and lots more. I have improved on my time. I have a football background that costs 1,000 credits and my high score on leval one is 48 and my high score on leval five is 11. my favourite leval is levalone.

by jamie

Aliens Stike Again!

On Monday 11th October 2010 7:30 pm Mr Sharkey was working late with the caretaker. A few minutes later they heard a big bang they looked out the window and there was an alien spaceship .With some slimy aliens coming out. They were green as snot and very ugly.

Mr sharkey was terrified so he ran as fast as a cheater and started crying under a table like he was going to get eaten. The caretaker went up to the alien and shook his slimy tentacle “ why did you come to Earth”? Said the caretaker “to destroy you” said the alien. The aliens got in their ship and started shooting their blasters and missed and they went back home and the school was saved. Mr sharkey and the caretaker was relived Mr sharkey had to get back marking books and and getting board.

Slimy Jam the alien

 by Jamie

Well done Year 4 Badminton Champions!

Congratulations to all the children who attended the Badminton Festival at Robin Park. A funtime was had by all and our two teams were brilliant as they finished 1st and 2nd overall. A wonderful achievement! Well done Ben, Jamie, Megan, Emily, Lucy, Luke, Ryan and Jessica – fantastic performances all round. As ever, your behaviour was outstanding and you are an asset to yourselves and your school. A big thanks to all our supportive parents and a special thank you to Mrs Marshall and Mr and Mrs Ackers for cheering us on and helping out with transport.

See you all at practise next Tuesday. Well done Year 4.

Mr Sharkey