Grace’s Quack Poem

L.C. can I write a poem based on one that I have read?


“Tick tock!” said the crocodile,

“Oink!” said the sloth.

And “Neigh!” said the moth,

“Hoot!” said jellyfish.

“Squeak!” said the mouse,

“BAA!” said the sheep running in the house.

And all at once the the dog went COCK A DO DOODLE DO!

“Cluck!” said the hen,

 running in its POO!jellyfish

Grace’s Animal Adventure Story

L.C can I begin to write a story based on one that I have read?

Honey was a very crazy bemblebue but she was very clever. She had bright yellow and black stripes and they glowed in the dark. she lived on the bright yellow  petals of the  beautiful sunflower in the bottom of the glorious garden. One day she overheard her dad speaking, “what are you talking about dad?” she said curiously.

“nothing.” Said dad quickly.

“And mind your own business,” said mum hastily.

“blah blah blah!”  said Honey brightly.

“shut up!” said mum sourly.

“don’t shout,” said dad kindly.

“oh sorry, “said mum “I shouted a little bit then.”

“its o.k.” said Honey reluctantly. “well dad I was just wondering do humans cross the road?”


The next day honey went out on a quest to see if humans do cross the road, she came to a big tall figure and she looked up “WOW that’s tall.” She said to herself. Then she saw some black and white stripes on the floor, and cars stopped when humans walked over it. “I wish cars stopped for me.” she said to herself silently. So she tried to cross the road but a skateboard nearly ran over her “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed, but then…………


She tried to flap her wings and then she flew up in the air “WOW!” she said out loud crazily. Half way across the road “I can make it.” She said to herself. “I have made it,” she said “ooh there’s a big tall person that has a badge and it read  P.C. Nelly. So I decided to sit on its shoulder “hello. “said P.C. Nelly.

 “Hi.” Said Honey “can I be your friend please?”

“yes,” said P.C. Nelly.

“I managed to cross the road safely, “said Honey.

 “Well done!” said P.C. Nelly.

“thank you!” said Honey kindly.


“Please can you walk me home?” said Honey.

“Of course,” said P.C. Nelly.

“Oh and can you cross me and my family over the road as well?”

“yes of course I will,” said P.C. Nelly

“oh look there their,” said Honey “ oh mum dad look this is my new friend P.C. Nelly, said she will cross us all over the road safely so none of us get squashed.”

“oh thank you!” said mum and dad kindly.

bumble bee on yellowbadge

By Grace

Grace’s Brilliant Story

Once upon a time, Daedalus who was a great inventor, was locked inside a tall spiralling tower with is son Icarus. They longed to return to Athens but king Minos was frightened they would reveal the secret of the labyrinth if he released them. For many years they languished in the tower staring out over the glittering sea.


Daedalus made a lot of different statues but the best one of all was the labyrinth with a man eating minotaur in the middle. If anyone dared to go in there they would not come out alive. It was pitch black in there so it would have been quite scary and frightening.


Daedalus and Icarus was prisoned on the island until one day they saw a bird and the bird left a feather and then it gave Daedalus a great idea. They left some seeds on a ledge and then they plucked out some feathers out of a bird to make wings.


Daedalus made 4 pairs of wings he collected feathers of birds for years and years, Daedalus made them lots of different colours. Icarus’s father told him not to fly to close to the sun just before Daedalus pushed his son of the winder sill.


Of cause Icarus ignored his father and plummeted down into the deep blue sea with all the sharks, eels and sadly he died.

By Grace

Grace’s Amazing Animal Story

Down in the forest there was a haunted house. There were three frogs that live there 2 baby’s and 1 super frog. Super frog always wore a blue and red cape . He  had a chocolate brown moustache. There was an evil  person  called  jester . They did not get on very well . They always  played tricks  on  each other  but there no ordinary tricks , there  GROSS !  Jester slept in a pop up box that was basically his room .  Jester had   night vision goggles  so id  he  did  a trick in the middle of  the night , it  would  be easier


The first trick they ever did was ……. Jester  crept  in to Super Frog s bedroom and shouted  BOO ! He woke Super Frog  up and the baby’s. Super Frog felt ANGRY ! So the next  night  whilst  Jester  was in  his bed  super frog crept in and shoved  a squished  fox under his pillow  yuck! When Jester looked  under his pillow  he shouted AAHH! 



The next  day Jester  was climbing a jester tree that was very old because he was going to paint it with super glue  so when super frog was going to get stuck. But  super frog didn’t baby  frog did . “dad help”  said baby frog  “ok I’m coming.” 


“Jester can  we please just be friends .” said  super frog . “ ok then super frog  I guess so .” replied Jester . I wont do it again . said  Jester . So Jester  and super frog  lived happily ever after in the haunted house that is now a happy house.


The Parrot by Grace

L.C. Can I write my own poem using excellent describing words?


The colourful parrot I’m a cute parrot, I like to play the flute parrot.

I’m a red parrot, a bed parrot.

I love to sit on peoples head parrot.

I’m a blue parrot, a glue parrot.

I’m a green parrot, a lean parrot.

I love to chase coconuts down hills.

I’ll never be chased by tigers or lions.

A yellow parrot, a mellow parrot flying up and down parrot.

Not for me being copied but I like copying them.


Grace’s Fantastic Story

L.C. Can I write a story in a familiar setting?

My dad shouted “If you’re bad I will take you to the button eye lady”. The button eye lady is the weird lady who lives at the bottom of the road. She is about 99 years old and she always where’s the same track suite every day. Her hair is bright red with black ends. Her house is leaning to the right side her house is like a haunted house, it has a tale that someone went in and never came out again.

My name is Grace and I am 8 years old. I have blond long hair and I wouldn’t want to go to the button eye lady.

Later that day I was playing catch with my friend Amy in the kitchen. When I was going to catch the ball when I missed and knocked of my dads most expensive beer glass. He nearly knocked my of my feet. He shouted at the top of his voice “PUT ON YOUR SHOES I’M TAKING YOU TO THE BUTTON EYE LADY”. When I was walking down the road people with dresses on and coats were staring at me. When we got to the house my dad said “I’ll let you of this time but next time your bad your going”.

The next day, I really wanted to play with my new toy octopus but my dad said I couldn’t play in the paddling pool. So I decided to play inside I went upstairs into my dad’s bed room I looked in his wardrobe. I stared at his best red adidas huddie top. I ran down stairs with it and shoved it in the sink and turned on. All the water gushed out. 1minute after I started playing, my dad bashed in through the door. He screamed “PUT ON YOUR SHOES I’M TAKING YOU TO THE BUTTON EYE LADY”!

I stood outside of the ripped door and the wooden green rotted window, it was horrid. I went inside there was pictures of cupcakes and lollipops. It looked like a bakery I heard the button eye lady mixing ingredients. I went in the kitchen and she was there. She wasn’t so bad at all. When it was time to go home she gave me a cake. I said to my dad “please” can I go to the button eye lady please! My dad said when you have finished your home work and don’t forget to bring be a delightful cake. ”Bye”