Fantastic Football Poem

Do not stop me I am on a roll,
Because I am heading towards the goal.
Past one, past two, a third one next,
I am starting to think I could be the best.
BANG! It’s in the net,
Another goal, you can bet.
Yes, a win, time to celebrate,
Another game next week, I can’t wait
A hat-trick, I am taking the match ball home,
I’m top scorer in the league, sat on the throne.
By Joseph

Latics Poem

Latics Poem


By Sufyan


Me and my brother are football fanatics,

We always go and watch our beloved Latics.

Coyle’s Bolton have come to town,

Hope they leave with a big frown.

Roberto’s team are on fire,

Up the league, we’ll go higher.

Hugo scores a stunning goal,

In the net he makes a hole.

How many saves by our keeper Ali?

Think that’s eight on my tally.

Hugo one, two, three nil,

I’m sure Bolton are feeling ill.

Hugo gets the goals all three,

One with his head, foot and knee.

After the match away I go,

Dreaming all day of that hat-trick by Hugo.