Thomas’s Fable

L.C. Can I write in the style of a fable?


  fox - Copy

Fox lived in a massive jungle. One day he was extremely bored but then Fox came up with an idea to play a trick on big Bull. So Fox said to Bull “Bull mouse is stuck in cheese!” gota go.” When Bull got ther ther was no mouse. The next day Fox said “ your mother as had a hart attack!”

When Bull got ther his mother was fine and said “hello” bull said


“hello.”pusled. After Fox sawr tiger going to the meat house so Fox shoted “Bull tiger going to the meat house” Bull said

“no you lying Fox im not” and Fox got eaten.

bul - Copy

Paige’s Fable

One bright   day   a   little   spider   crawled   in   a   gloomy   house. He was snake . He   heard   a   fox   and   he crawled   at the   house   and   the   fox said   Do” you   want   to be   my   friend”   yes.   Said   spider   Bo   you want to play   hide and   seek   yes” but you   want   to   cant”   yes”   I will   go   and cant   while I hade   are  rate   spider was deing snake   a     but   fox   stop” canting   “he   fgot to   say   bo not   in   my   house   ok   spider   was   being snake     he. Went in fox   is house   but   spider   forgot fox had a good   sents   of smell   and   he   fond   spider   and spider   eat   fox.


Owen’s Fable

   L.C. Can I write in the style of a fable?


Sheep   lived in a wet. Farm and he was extreme bored. One day he had a idea to play a dirty trick .on man so sheep trotted to man “hey man cow is stuck in the pond.”co

“I’d better save her.”

In a blink of a eye he was gone to the pond man was confused.            

“Hahaha!”Giggled sheep.

Sheep was still bored so sheep ran to man and shouted

chicken is locked the hen house.”



“Bye.”   answered man               

Man opened the hen house chicken was not there “sheep.” Shouted man sheep was going to the sheep pen and woke up and shouted to man “your Gard dog has ran away !”


“I ‘am coming fluffier muffins.”

“Ha haha!”

When wolf was going to the sheep ran to man and screeched at man.

“ wolf at sheep pen!”


“lair. ”  That night sheep Owen

Olivia’s Fable

L.C. Can I write in the style of a fable!



Monkey lived in a lonely jungle and he was annoyed with bordness. One day monkey had an idea to play cunning trick on dolphin. So monkey said to dolphin, “dolphin! mouse is stuck in a pond”.


“I must go and save mouse” said dolphin. so he went to save mouse but when he got there mouse was not there monkey was laughing with joy ha ha ha! “ dolphin come quick cow is stuck in bars” oh now I will go. Replied dolphin. So dolphin went but when dolphin got there cow was not there. monkey was laughing with tears ha ha ha!


“dolphin come quick mouse is going to fall of a mountain” said monkey. “I am coming now” but when dolphin got there mouse was not there monkey was laughing to death. “ dolphin come quick fox is going to eat the people in that house come quick” said monkey “no liar” replied dolphin. And monkey got eaten along with the people too.



by Olivia of a fable

Mollie’s Fable

  L.C. Can I write in the style of a fable?

Snake was bored so he went to pig.

“Pig do you know lamb is stuck in a pond.” “ Really better go and save him .” “What snake” “Ha Ha Ha Ha LOL .” The next day Snake saw pig he looked a bit tired. “ Pig pig pig” said snake. “Wolf he is at the duck house.” Oh no” pig ran and ran and ran “What the?”. There was no wolf atal . “stupid pig” said Snake .Then pig went home. “IM getting tired” Lets go to sleep .” Then snake saw BULL “ OH NO”Better get pig.” Bull was going to kill a girl. “Go away you’re a liar.” So snake went over and the girl was full of blood and she was dead . Then snake saw bull look at him “oh oh” snake died “poor snake lol” said pig I don’t like him any way.  



Megan’s Fable

L.C. Can I write in the style of a fable?



Once dog was out side of his beautiful

Glowing house but he was extremely hungry so he went searching for some food to eat .Just then he found some juicy tasty yummy cheese he picked it up and went to a near by tree and berd saw dog berd came swooping down and he said “that’s my cheese” “no its not” said dog naw wot can I tri said biard so he came down and trid to snach it and he axadently bit him “sorry said bard


Moral: YOU cant have something with out ascking bicaus you cod get mad and cil somwon.

Lyla’s Fable

L.C. Can I write in the style of a fable?



Captin Bobbie. was at home in his tree house and he was bored.crabby was in the sea he was bored he decided to play a trick on bobbie

So crab shouted ”hey bobby farmers out on your side. ””crabby shouted over again cow is stuck in the tree . ”so bobbie mouthed the words “I will save her.”so bobbie jumped down from his tree and charged left towards cow but she wasnt there……then cabby came and started laughed at bobbie so bobbie came back home in his tree house bored.and crabby walked home sideways too. The next morning the farmer started being really good friends. But crabby started to be Jelliouse of Bobbie and the farmer so crabby shouted over ”melting sand near you .” crabby was cunning this plan was going to work but it didn’t Bobbie new that Laing to him so Bobbie made a true friend unlike Crabby.loads of bad things were happening wile the farmer and Bobbie were BFFS but one day when Bobbie was asleep Crabby but then crabby woke up and saw the farmer was killing sheep……. But then       Bobbie woke up AND SAW FARMER KILLING back being friends the sheep

Joe’s Fable

L.C. Can I write in the style of a fable?


cat fish

Cat lived on a empty farm. Once he was bored and he did not know what to do. One day he had a idea to trick fish. He ran to fish. “fish pigs stuck in a pond.” Said cat so fish ran. when he got there there was nothing there. The next day cat said “fish cats stranded.” Then fish ran when he got there nothing. Cat laughed “hahaha.” A day later cat saw wolf heading for the dog house. cat went to fish and cat said “fish! Wolf heading for the dog house.”LAIR!” said fish. Then cat went to wolf cat shouted “HELP!”


by joe

Jamie’s Fable

One day there was Sheep who lived on a crazy desert and the animals were friendly.

Suddenly Wolf came. He had electric claws. Wolf caused a storm.


“Not so tough are you?” said Wolf.



Then sheep got magic powers.


“Wow!” shouted sheep.





Suddenly a u f o came.


It got a light.

Hulk and Obi-wan came.


Suddenly Galactus came.


All heroes had plans.


Sheep, Hulk and Obi-wan won.


Alien, 1000 guns, 100,000 bad guys lost.


The end. Made by Jamie

Jack D’s Fable

 L.C. Can I write in the style of a fable?



Fish lived in a pond and dog lived in a farm near fish’s pond. One day fish said to dog “rabbit is stuck in her dark dirty horrible hole.


So dog sprinted over to her hole but when he arrived nobody was there. The next day fish said to dog “dog cow is stuck in a dirty horrible pond.”

But when he got there cow was not there.


The next day fish said to dog bull is chasing duck “LIAR!”

And in the end bull ate duck and fish.

By jack