Mr.Sharkey is the year4 class teacher.

He is fun and he makes school fun,

I absolutaley hate maths but if I’m stuck on a question he helps me and he makes maths a lot funner.

In literacy we are doing poems that rhyme and have symmilies,

I love what were doing.

I like everything in school apart f5rom maths but thats a bit more fun!!!

Mr. sharkey is the best class teacher ever

by Emily j



 your hair is like a fuzzy bear


you’re coat is as bright as  the sun


you love to play around all day


you’re roar is as big as a tiger





are a ………………………………


By Emily j

Catherine of Aragon

6 wives

Catherine of Aragon

Name: Catherine of Aragon
Father: Ferdinand II of Aragon
Mother: Isabella of Castile
Born: December 16, 1485 at Alcala de Hernares, Spain
Married:(1) Arthur Prince of Wales, on November 14, 1501
Married (2): Henry VIII, on June 11, 1509
Children: Mary
Died: January 7, 1536 at Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire, aged 50 years, and 20 days
Buried at: Peterborough Cathedral

Catherine was the youngest child of Ferdinand II and Isabella I of castle rulers of Spain. She was descended from the English royal family through her great grandmother Catherine of Lancaster and her great- great- great- grandfather was John of Gaunt of the house of Lancaster. Her brothers and sisters married in to European dynasties and she was the aunt of Charles V, holy Roman emperor. She was brought up a strict roman catholic. Henry VII of England wanted an alliance of Spain and England against France, and at the age of 3 she betrothed oldest son Arthur who was only two at the time. When she  was almost 15 she travelled to England and was married to Arthur, prince of Wales at St Pauls cathedral. 

by Emily j            




At the moment in art we are doing pop up books it is so fun.

In my group there are 5 people,  Me, Shaard, Jessica, Ashley and Kayliegh b.

Our topic is Animals.

We have done ten pages on animals.

The group next to us is Eastenders and the other side is Toy Story 3.

our class voted for Sports to get a prize.

I had great fun making them

thanckyou for listening

By Emily j

I love Brownies

I love brownies

I love brownies

Brownies is fun.

And my mum

She is a guide at brownies.

Our leader is Brown owl.

She is a lot, a lot nicer than

Simon Cowl.

I have made my brownie promise

At Brownies we are very honest.

At Brownies I have lots of friends.

Like Bella, Freya, Lucy, Leagh

And lots of others

By emily j


Year4 is wicked. I have Loads of fun.

We have the best teacher ever Mr. Sharkey. He is cool,

If we get a question wrong he doesn’t shout he just talks us through it.

I have the best of friends. Such as.















Everyone is so nice and we all have a great time in year4.

We have so many fun topics.

Thanks for reading by Emily j





Flowers are strange, strange, strange, strange.

But do you know why???

Petals make them strange

Petals are small

Petals petals

Flowers are weird

Do you know why flowers are weird???


Stalks are straight

Stalks are bendy

Bendy bendy bendy  

 by Emily j

Swaying Trees

have you ever wondered what the trees like to do?

sway sway sway

have you ever wondered what the trees like to do?

sway sway sway

have you ever wondered what colour winter trees are?

orange brown yellow

have you ever wondered what colour trees are in the summer?

dark green light green dark green light green

have you ever wondered what colour are tree stumps are?

brown brown

have you ever wondered what colour are tree stumps are?

brown brown

have you ever wondered how tall trees are?

I don’t know I don’t know

have you ever wondered how tall a tree is?

I don’t know I don’t know

trees are all different sizes that’s all I know that’s all I know

 by emily j

Katherine Howard

Katherine Howard

Early days

Katherine Howard was the daughter of Edmund Howard Duke of Norfolk. No one knows when Katherine was born but we Estimate between 1520-1526.katherine was a very beautiful woman, her family was very important and she loved a good laugh and music. Katherine was also Catholic.

How she met Henry

Katherine Howard was very important, so her parents got her a very good job as lady in waiting to Anne of cleaves Henry the viii’s 4th wife and not only was it a good job there was lots of boys in the palace. But one special boy caught Katherine’s eye. All the maids liked him, but why did he choose Katherine? |It was love at first sight. His name was Thomas Cullpepper. But then she got bored because someone higher up sent her love letters and kind gifts. His name was Henry and he was the king but still married to Anne of Cleaves. Soon Henry got divorced and married Katherine.

After the wedding

After the wedding Henry got hurt when he was jousting so Katherine got bored again. She soon found something new to do though. Katherine decided to ask Thomas Cullpepper to be her boyfriend again. Then after Henry’s leg got better he decided to take Kathryn on holiday up north. While they were gone somebody sent Cranmer a letter saying that Kathryn had two boyfriends before she was married to Henry. Their names were Francis Dirham and Mannoks!. When Henry got back Cranmer told him in private. Henry hung, drew and quatered Francis Dirham, mannoks didn’t count because he wasn’t a proper boyfriend. But Cull Pepper got beheaded and 6 months later so did Katherine.

By Emily