Brownie camp holiday

3rd June

Friday 3rd i woke up with a sad but happy feeling. I was happy because it was


But the problem was I was going to miss my mum. I said a sad goodbye, got onto the coach and sat down next to Lucy.She was a big chatter box she chatted that long the journey was like 5 minutes. I stepped out of the coach and was amazed at what I saw a long, white beautiful little house. When we got in we were shown pur rooms. I was in a room with Lucy, Freya and KayleaghB. After we had unpacked our stuff, we went too the dining room and had some supper, we had crumpets and i had water too drink. Soon after we went round to the room to get our p.j.s on. We talked and talked for a long, long time. Then Brown Owl (mrs.Tomlinson) called us. She explained about points. At pack holiday we get points for doing jobs or good things. Then after that we got into bed and talked for a while, but then we went too sleep.

4th June

I woke up first at 6:00AM then Lucy, then Freya, then kayleagh. We talked and talked for ages. At breakfast we had cookie crisp yum yum, some people had toast after but I didnt. Brown Owl told us too tidy up in our bedroom but we had already tidied up so we wrote in our diary. Soon after we went outside and attempted too make daisy chains, Iwent all around asking people if they liked butter got a Buttercup and gentley swayed it under their chin. OMG we finally got too, go to the shop. I bought a book, frieds forever and  a rsinbow badge for my little sister. Then we had a muffin before dinner. After, we went on an adventure too find clues it was cool. next we had a great picnic, I ate a chicken samwich, apple and a chocolate biscuit. Later on, we played lots of games there was this giant ball and it went down the hill and once me and jessica caught it. When we gto back we had tea. After tea we made a little box. half an hour later we watchd doctor who, it was amazing, river is Amys daughter. After doctor who we watched britains got talentit was amazing i loved everyone apart from the crazy piano woman. Then we had the amazing, cool fun and funny in the massive, wonderfully decorated games room. there was loely, gorgouse food. Soon after the wondorous party We watched the tense Britain got talent results!!!!!! The winne was …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Joy mcdaul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the amazing shock I got into my cosy bed and fell asleep.

5th June


For breakfast I had lovely, healthy fruit and fibre. Then we went too tidy our room for room inspection. After the room inspectionwe did craft I made a book mark for brown owl. Then we lovely, lovely dinner. We had amazing sunday lunch. Later on we hatoo do lots of packing and too get our room sorted. We went on the park after that, I went on the swing. After the park we got all our stuff loaded the coach and got on it. On the way home i was talking too Sami, Corine and Freya.


By Emily J








blwyddyn 4
blwyddyn 4 yn y dosbarth gorau erioed. mae gennym athrawes fab o’r enw mr.sharkey.
rydym yn cael llawer o hwyl a gemau a storïau oeri. llawer o bobl yn ein dosbarth yn cael swyddi. fy swydd yw edrych ar ôl y llyfrgell Oher dau berson yn gwneud y gwaith hwnnw yn rhy Alex, ac Jayden. Evereyone yn blwyddyn 4 yn fy ffrind. ae ni i gyd yn un teulu mawr.
Diolch i bawb yn blwyddyn 4 Ni fyddaf byth yn anghofio byth i chi.
Mr.sharky thankyou Ac am fod yn athro gwych.

by emily j

Stick insects

Stick insects stick insects stick insects every were.

You say they might be ugly but you know thats not really fare

Every morning I say hello I give them some water and say off you go

Their hungry there their thirsty their hungry and thirsty all the time

This is my rhyme


By Emily j

My best friend

My best friend is Charlotte Rigby she is very special to me. We met when I first moved to hogest St. she has very beautiful long blonde hair. She is very reliable. We make great games together; she is like a sister to me. She has 3, pets 2 hamsters and 1 dog. We love doing things to do with nature and art. Her favourite animal is a dog, her dog is called kilo. Charlottes favourite colour is  pink she is a big girly girl bad thing- no charlotte is perfect in every way thank you  for being my best friend!!!!

by Emily J  


All about me!!!!

My name is Emily

I was born on 9th of December 2001. My favourite colour is teal ( bluey Green) I have 11 pets 4 guinea pigs Walnut, mine, Scotch, Chloe’s, Bruno, mums, Gary, Georgia’s. 3 cats Bootsey, Flavour and magic Sid. 4 stick insects Feb, frizzle frazz and pop. I have 2 sisters my older one is called Chloe and my younger one is called Georgia. My favourite food is carbonara pasta- yum, yum. My favourite music artist’s are Noisettes and Demi Lovato. My mum’s name is Kath and my dad’s name is Simon and he lives in whales. My favourite subject is art. My favourite teacher is Mrs. Holmes. My favourite thing is either going bike riding or making and painting and even coming to school. I live in Wigan. I absolutely love my life I can’t imagine it being better.

By emily j          


The day my dog ran away

On my way to school I met up with my best friend I told her about the day my dog ran away. I was walking through the meadow it was a sunny morning and then suddenly there was thunder and lightning. That was when my dog ran away in to the woods! I ran as fast as I looked left to right, but then I came to a Holt a fox ran past. Finally I found my dog Simba and I took her home to have a long bath.

The end

By emily j

Recipe for trust

Recipe For trust

First wash all the evilness and envious out of your mind. Next add all your peace and love.

After that sprinkle 90000000 grams of loyalty. Then mix in 9999999999990000000000000000000099999kg

Of ffffffrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnedddddddddddssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppp

It doesn’t matter how big or small it is as long as

it’s filled with love peace and from the heart and soul.

This is my instructions on trust.

Emily J