Ella’s Fable

L.C. Can I write in the style of a fable?

             Tortoise and panda

panda tortoise


One day tortoise was extremely bored. So he had an idea. To play a trick on panda so he said “monkey is stuck on a branch” so panda ran as fast as he could and when he got there monkey was not falling he was playing on a branch.the next day he said “lion is lost in the rainforest”so he sprinted. The next day he saw lioness going to eat gorilla so she said “no because these jokes are making me tired”so he got killed with gorilla to.



The end

Ella’s Brilliant Story

Once upon a time, Daedalus, who inventor, was locked inside king Minos massive tower with is son Icarus. They longed to return to Athens but king Minos was frightened they would reveal the secret of the labyrinth if he released them. For many months they languished in the tower staring out over the deep blue sea. Was a great


Every morning they would put some bird seeds on the window sill and waited for the birds to come and eat them, there was a plan to get a feather each day but it took them months and months and day and days.



“Finally” he yelled “finally we have enough feathers”. He soud them together with the bed string and stuck the wings on there shoulders with wax.  “What’s the plan?” cried Icarus; “you’ll see” replied Daedalus.


“Get the wings on and I’ll push you off the window sill”. “Don’t fly to near to the sun or you will fall”. He zoomed up into the sky and even saw birds he said “you can’t go higher me”.


He was going so high and was having so much fun he didn’t nosiest the wax melting. He spiralled into the deep blue sea. His father couldn’t watch and he never saw him again.

The Lazy Pig by Ella

L.C. Can I write my own poem using excellent describing words?


I’m a lazy pig ,a crazy pig ,

Smells like a daisy pig.

I’m a sleeping pig ,a greedy pig,

Not a very speedy pig.

I’m a funny pig ,a dirty pig,

I’m a very flirty pig.

I’m a chubby pig ,a fat pig,

I never wear a hat pig.

I’m a snoring pig ,a eating pig ,

I’m not a very greedy pig .

I’m a stupid pig ,a break up pig,

I don’t like to wear make up pig.