Edie’s and my song

Thursday’s a girl night

Put your make up on and take your slippers off put your high heels on and get ready to come along to dance to the beat and flow.


Thursday’s a girl night it’s the best thing off our lives.

Now were here and ready to move lets go out and do the grove.


Thursday’s a girl night it’s the best thing off are lives.


Thank you for reading are song.




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year 4 visits church!!!!!

Today I went to St. Andrews church with my class and we met vicar Tina .

This is what I discovered:

  • I found out that the sanctuary light is always on to represents that Jesus is always with us.
  • I saw that the bishop has a special, secret chair behind the choir stands.
  • I found out that the font has a special kind of lid that they lift off when they are about to baptise a baby.
  • I also asked vicar Tina why were the windows stained and she said that it is in remembrance of the people who have died also on the windows are two disciples and at the top is Jesus.
  • me and Keira asked vicar Tina how old is the church and she said it was made in 1882 so I figured out that it was 134 years old.


Sunday 10th April 2016


At 4pm on Saturday 9th April my friend,lilia came to my house for a sleepover. We played outside for a bit with my other friends zayn and Holly. Then I was a bit scared because I found a dead bird in the bush! Then me and Lilia had to go in because at that time it was 7:45. My brother was at his friends party for a sleepover but at 11o’clock he came home. Then when we woke up at around 8 o’clock then we went downstairs and had breakfast we had pain au chocolat it was very yummy! Then around  10:30 Ava and Goerge and Tom came over for my brothers safari party. Then we left and drove to Knowsley safari park. When we got there we had are picnic! But Lilia is so slow at eating she had only eaten her roll! Then we drove through the monkey part and that was very SCARY!!!



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Easter story (Edie)

At the time of Passover Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem, while the people of Jerusalem wave palm branches in the air and cheer.

Jesus shared a last supper with his Disciples and broke the bread and gave it to them saying “take and eat this is my body.” They also shared wine.

Jesus told his disciples that one of them would betray him!

Then the romans arrested Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.

The romans nailed Jesus onto the cross and then lifted the cross up straight while his friends wept.

On Easter Sunday Jesus rose from the dead and there was a big celabration!


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St.Andrews is so nice and relaxing because of all the fantastic kids and adults! everybody loves school who goes to St.Andrews! Mrs Massey (are head teacher) is so fantastic that are school gets every thing! so this is a great big THANKYOU!

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