dogs are nice pets i know 4 dasiy, rascel ,jack and lexi. me and megan have got more pepole to do are club we got lucy, kayleah,
Kayleigh,william and katie to do it.And i know 3 more Afie matty and tyson.So don`t get rid of dog s who you like 🙁 all 7 are kind dogs and i love dasiy and jack.Dasiy is a shitzu,jack is a sheep dog,Lexi is a shitzu and rascal is a jack russel.

by caitlin

Dog Rescue

Dog rescued from 60ft mine shaft


An RSPCA inspector and firefighters helped rescue a dog which was trapped some 60ft down a disused mine shaft in Derbyshire.
Bean, the two-year-old Jack Russell, is believed to have been down the shaft for 48 hours after he went missing while out for a walk with his owners John and Lindsay Power on Friday, 17 September.

A frantic search

Bean ran off while being walked across open fields, in Wensley in Matlock. When Bean failed to return John feared the worse, and began his frantic search across the acres of fields and woodland in the hope of finding his dog safe and well.
During his search he met the landowner who gave him permission to camp out on his land so he could carry on searching.
On the Saturday morning, he immediately began his desperate search again, but there was still no sign of Bean. However John vowed not to give up and during the day he was joined by his 10-year-old son Joe, they covered miles during their search and all the while they kept shouting out Bean’s name.
Then around teatime on Saturday, after hours of searching, John heard the faint sound of a single yap. He ran over to the source of the noise which was in a disused mine shaft. He grabbed a torch and shone it down the shaft where he discovered a “pitiful-looking” Bean who was some 60ft down.

John contacted the fire service, who came out to the scene but quickly assessed that it was too dangerous for anyone to physically go down into the unsafe shaft.
Firefighters, working with RSPCA Inspector Gary Eastwood, tried to free Bean by sending down bags and lines into the shaft, but they were unsuccessful and decided it was unsafe to continue and they arranged to return again the next day.

The rescue

On Sunday morning, they all regrouped at the scene, and they lowered a dog carrier down by ropes into the shaft.
They put Bean’s blanket into the carrier. John then shouted to Bean to “get in his basket” and it did the trick. Once Bean was inside, the fire service quickly pulled him up in the carrier and safely out of the shaft.
Bean was immediately taken to a local vet where he was checked over. He was bruised and was given a course of pain killers and antibiotics, but was then able to return to the family’s home in Ashover.

John said: “We are just so grateful to everyone who was involved in the rescue…I just couldn’t bear to think of him out there alone.

“I was so relieved when they finally pulled him out of the shaft, I was so worried that I would never see him again. He’s a real mischievous and playful little dog, and it’s just miraculous that he has managed to survive this so unscathed.”
Firefighters from Matlock, a specialist team which are dedicated to dealing with animal rescues, attended the scene and watch manager, Marc Redford, said they did a fantastic job.
Marc said: “We are just delighted that this rescue has resulted in a wonderful outcome where we have been able to give a young boy his dog back safe and well. The fire service and the RSPCA worked side by side in what was a quite seamless rescue and we are all so pleased that we managed to get Bean out. No one was put at risk, and we are just delighted that this was such as successful rescue“.
RSPCA Inspector Eastwood said: “We are so pleased that this has had a happy outcome and that Bean has been returned to his owners safe and well. This was a disused tin mine shaft and it was potentially a very dangerous situation as it was not stable.

“Thankfully we managed to coax Bean into the carrier and bring him to safety. We would just like to thank everyone involved in the rescue and we are so happy to have been able to reunite Bean with his owner.”

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by emily j


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By Lucy A  



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