henry the 8th

Prince Henry

Henry Tudor, named after his father, Henry VII, was born by Elizabeth of York June 28, 1491 in Greenwich Palace. Since he was the second son, and not expected to become king, we know little of his childhood until the death of his older brother Arthur, Prince of Wales. We know that Henry attended the wedding celebrations of Arthur and his bride, Catherine of Aragon, in November 1501 when he was 10 years old.

Shortly after the wedding, Arthur and Catherine went to live in Wales, as was tradition for the heir to the throne. But, four months after the marriage began, it ended, with Arthur’s death.

A treaty was signed that would allow Catherine to marry the next heir to the throne — Prince Henry.  Catherine’s parents were Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain.

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eastern gray kangaroo

Eastern grey kangaroo
 Eastern grey kangaroos can leap up to 9m in a single bound, but this great ability often gets them into trouble with Australian sheep farmers. Many are shot by farmers as they leap over fences and feed on grazing land, but luckily the kangaroo population is large enough to withstand this depletion in numbers.
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Cats in danger
Wild Cats are another of the most endangered groups of
animals in the world.The loss of their habit is one of the
biggest threts to the already dwindling population of wild cats.
Hunting for their fur and  body parts,and illegal pet trade have
also contributed heavily to the present situations of these
wild creature.



Dolphins are great animals and are dying all over the world
this is your only chance to help them.They are begging for your
help in Canda,England,Spain,Australlia,France,America and so
much more.They are endangered animals and are being shot
by pepole  and being washed out of the sea and landed on
land.Caitlin,Megan,Lucy,Kayliegh and Kayleah are trying to
rasie money for Dolphins by doing a club.It is not fair to the
Dolphins beacause they don`t do anything to you.Dolphins
normaly get shot by jumping to warter from air.Dolphins
dont do anything but swim under the warter and don`t do
anything to humans.

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World War 2

 Boom! Boom! Boom! Bob Dickinson was petrified and worried as the dust settled slowly around his shaking lean body. He coughed heavily as the smoke cleared gradually. He could see his destroyed wrecked home  with his emerald green eyes. He looked at his smashed windows and his lovely house. It was the worst moment in the 39 years of his life. He felt heartbroken. He was worried about his children.

As he looked for the children Bob shouted “William Pennywere  are you?”  He wanted his children to come back because he was worried about them. He wanted the them to come home to Manchester. He was worried they were dead. Bob stood  there crying and looked at his wrecked home. He wanted to buy a new home but he couldn’t afford it. He Bob Dickson kept searching for his children and shouted” William, penny where are you?” he was worried that they had been stolen.

He went to the beach and in the sea he found a bottle. On the bottle it said from William and Penny. In the bottle it said “dear dad we are in Frances .We went with our friends and it was stormy so it washed us on to a French beach” bob was worried. He wondered “were are they now? He wanted to know if they were happy or sad.

Bob wanted     to go to them but it was 9 o’clock at night so he couldn’t go then so he went to sleep. Then he woke up in the middle of the night thinking about his children he went down stairs and made a cup of tea and dipped his biscuit in his tea and  went back to sleep. A few hours later it was morning ….

He was happy that they were with an adult. He got on a boat and sailed on to the  French beach and shouted “William, Penny where are you?”. A solider came and asked “do you want to join the army?” Bob said “I don’t know.ok I ll join because you don’t have enough people”. He said to his sergeant penny and William came running to their dad.

He took them away with him in the army.He survived and he could afford to buy a house in Manchester.    

by Caitlin

 World War Two

Boom! Boom! Boom! Bob Dickinson was petrified and

Worried As the dust slowly settled around his shaking gradually Lean body. He Coughed avidly. As the smoke cleared

Gradually. He could see his destroyed wrecked home in his south manchechester street. With his emmer old green eyes he looked at the smashed window and pile of bricks that use to be his lovely home. it was the worst moment in the 39 year old his life. He was heart broken. He was worried about his Children.    

By Ethan  year4