Pets – Rats  


People can enjoy all kinds of pets. Animals of all shapes and sizes make up the vast array of choices we have. 

Some of those choices include rats. These are creatures that people have many misconceptions about. People wrongly accuse them simply of being dangerous and disgusting creatures that only come out at night. Whilst this is not a hard accusation to make based on wild rats, this could not be more wrong when we are dealing with domesticated rats that people come to own. Rats are highly intelligent creatures that can be trained to be friendly and intuitive animals. When people handle rats they can be assured that this furry little creature will bond with them, as they can be very friendly, just like any other animals.

People needn’t worry that they are dirty either, nor full of disease. Fancy Rats, the rats we keep as pets, are very clean, grooming themselves and even being smart enough to arrange their habitats to suit their own needs

by caitlin


Megans middle name is Holly.I sit next to her annd Ethan in class we like being partners for evreything.We never keep secrets from each other.She is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo crazy.She never tells a lie to me.


Endangered the Elephant
The Elephant is the largest living land animal.In many Asiacountries,the elephant plays an important role in religion.
Elephants are shot for there tusks.
there fact file
West African elephant under 100,000
African forest elephant about 60,000
African Savannah elephant about 400,000
Asian elephant about 50,000
in the wild.

By Caitlin


Money spiders
 The money spider family is a huge group, with thousands of species in it. They are all small spiders, not more than 5mm long. They get their name from the folklore that if a money spider got caught in your hair it would bring you good luck and increased wealth.

by caitlin b


dogs are nice pets i know 4 dasiy, rascel ,jack and lexi. me and megan have got more pepole to do are club we got lucy, kayleah,
Kayleigh,william and katie to do it.And i know 3 more Afie matty and tyson.So don`t get rid of dog s who you like 🙁 all 7 are kind dogs and i love dasiy and jack.Dasiy is a shitzu,jack is a sheep dog,Lexi is a shitzu and rascal is a jack russel.

by caitlin