Braidie’s Bedtime Letter

l.c can I write in persuasive writing 

wigan st Andrews

mort street



99 Random road





21st may 2014


 Dear Mummy and daddy,

I am writing to tell you about children 7 years and over should have there right to decide there  own bedtimes on weekends. Just think about lie ins on Saturday morning and Sunday morning and a tidy bedroom. The other thing I can play on education games because Mr Sharkey said and a friend of mine said she goes to bed at 12:00 on non school nights’ can be a happy child because it is not school.

Finally I have been studding the stars in science. This is why children 7 years or over should stay up later on non school nights.

Your sincerely,


Braidie’s Brilliant Story

Once upon a time Daedalus, who was a great inventor, was locked inside a tall tower with is son Icarus. They longed to return to Athens but king Minos was frightened they would be revelling the secret o the labyrinth if he released them. For many moths they languished in the tower staring out the blue sea

King Minos asked Daedalus and Icarus to build a labyrinth so they did what he said they was getting tired of it because there was so many walls. Icarus cried how long it is going to take.


They was locked in prison for a long time until a bird dropped by they left a father every time because Daedalus was inventing something. But he surreptitiously did it without Icarus knowing. He splodged the wax to make the fathers stick


One morning Icarus woke up and two pairs of wings on his bed.  HE Whispered “We are going two fly”. He laugh “we cant fly “he pushed him off the window sill. He put the hot wax on his back his dad said “don’t fly to near to the sun or else ……..


He flew out of the window. He got the hand of it. He was having so much fun. So he forgot what his Dad said. So he went to near to the sun and his wings suddenly fell of he dropped down then he was never seen again…



By braidie

Braidie’s Amazing Animal Story

Once there lived two people called Billy and bob. They were two horrible people. Billy was shaped like a hand. Bob was just wired. Every day they wore re different collared clothes every day. Billy always wore a hat. Bob always wore a dress. They were both boys and they was really mean. They lived in a hontied house. They had cracked windows. They had a cracked door. And they had blood on the wall.


They had a dog called super dog. They always kept chucking him out. Because they were mean. They did not like him at all they always laugh at him because he had a puffy tale. They gave him poison in his food it made if feel tiered. He smelt like chocolate cake.



He got an idea. He thought that he should go to his grandma and granddad s house. His grandma and granddad was really kink. On his way there he met a girl dog she said “can you get me some food because I have not have eny food “so they to tried remember where they lived. Super dog smelt were it was he got some food.


The grandma wore glasses and she had white patches. His granddad was really fat he didn’t do anything at all. They said “who is this super dog? “He said   “a girl from the street. “ My cars kept chucking me out”   the grandma said “you can live here with us” they all had a fest. Super dog and the other dog hade children . they all felt really happy. The  granddad loved the 3 children.

                         THE END

Elephant by Braidie

L.C. Can I write my own poem using excellent describing words?




I am a scary elephant, I am a hairy elephant,

I play with Mary elephant.


I am a grumpy elephant, I am a Norty elephant,

And I am a really hotty elephant.


I am a hungry elephant, I am a water elephant,

I have a daughter elephant.


I am a children hater, I hate to paint my toe nails,

I am a love to eat slimy snails elephant.


I am a fat elephant, I am a thin elephant,

I love to play with pin elephant.


Braidie’s Fantastic Story

My mum bellowed “if your bad I’ll take you to granddad’s home!.

 Granddad was a old man. He was 73 years old and he had never had a wash for 3 years. He lived in a house at the bottom of the street .it was little outside and it was number 112. There was I little girl who visited her grandma every day. Out side the biding there was stances on the wall. My name is Braidie I am 8 years old. I love playing football and skating. I hate going to school. I have the most amazing friends ever. I have blonde hair and I have blue eyes and I am really scared of going to Granddad’s home.

Later that day, I was playing on my skates in the living room and I knocked the most expensive vase. It fell off the window sill and smashed. My mum screamed, “Right! Put on your hat and coat, I’m taking to Granddad’s home!”

 As I was walking down the misty street, my mum said, “I will let you off this time but next time you’re bad I’ll take you to Grandad’s home.” I was so relieved.

 The next day, I really wanted to play with my new toy duck in the bath. My mum said that I couldn’t go in the bath. So I went in my dad’s wallet and got £200 and took it into the bathroom and put it in the plug hole. I filled the bath up and flooded the bathroom. My mum came inside and said, “Put on your hat and coat, I’m taking you to Granddad’s home!”

One of the workers answered the door and she said, “Come inside and have some sweets.” I thought that if I went a net would drop on me.

 I went inside and there were lots of people inside there. My granddad said, “Hello”. There was cake on the tables and coke and tea and it was actually really good.

 Then he took me home and my mum said, “If you’re good I’ll take you to Granddad’s home.” Now every day I try to be good.