Bailey’s Persuasive Letter

L.C can I write in a persuasive style?


                                                                    Wigan St Andrews

                                                                     Mort Street


                                                                     WN6 7AU

Anywhere ave

Springfield Wigan

WN6 7AU                                                                    21st May 2014



Dear mum + dad,

I am writing to tell you that I strongly believe that children who are 7+ should be allowed to choose there own bedtimes.

If you let me, I would clean my room, and go on educational games what will help my building skills.

That means you can have a lie in, I could speak to my friends with my ear piece what is using my speaking skills.

Please let me pick my own bedtime. 

I would do more homework, and it’s not even a weekend!

I would not be grumpy in the morning, what will be true, not grumpy like in the week.

I strongly believe that children over 7 should pick there own bedtime.

                                    You’re sincerely,



Bailey’s Great Story

Once upon a time, Daedalus, who was a great inventor, was told by king Minos, with his son Icarus ‘’ build me a palace ‘’so they started to build and they were told to build a labyrinth. But king Minos said they are not aloud to leave the island, because they’d tell the way of the labyrinth.

Inside the labyrinth was a minator, half bull, half man. If any body went inside they would not find there way out. The Minator was fed on human flesh every day.

Because they were staying on the island king Minos put them in a sell. So they were prisoned. They where in the tallest tower and they ate delectable food .Each day a bird would come to the window and eat some bird seed’s. Daedalus had an idea, each day he got one bird feather. About a year later Daedalus woke up Icarus. ’’ I know how to get of this island, we can put these wings on this wax’s is a little hot, lets fly out the window and fly of this island’’ Daedalus quickly said.

‘’ Now Icarus don’t fly to near the sun’’ Daedalus told Icarus. Daedalus gave Icarus a little push. But Icarus didn’t listen to Daedalus. Icarus started flapping is wings.

Icarus flew higher and higher, and didn’t feel the sun beaming on him. Icarus saw lots of birds down below, but he was still flying higher and higher. One feather came of and flew down, suddenly a bunch of them, Icarus then found himself falling, falling in the deep blue sea. Icarus plunched down, and into the sea and sank all the way down.

Ocean minotaur

Panda Poem by Bailey

L.C. Can I write my own poem using excellent describing words?


Panda poem


I’m a grumpy panda, a lazy panda, I’m a clever panda too

I’m a wild panda , I’m a panda with brown eyes, and I’m a panda that goes to the loo.

I’m a covered in fur panda, a black and white panda , and give myself clues .

I’ll never be a sporty panda, a rain lover I’ll never be a cold panda.

I’ll never be a panda with no food, and never have no sleep, and never change my name to lander.

I’ll will not be a popping panda, a freezing panda I wish I was a elephant but a panda .

I don’t like panda’s next to my side , I’m always mad when they are eating by my side .

Some walk with me and I send them away I bite them on the leg and they jump away .

I always on my own and love to site and search the stars and moon and wars .


Bailey’s Brilliant Story

When my mum was just going to work she screamed “if your bad I’ll take you to Mrs go go”. Mrs go go lived across the street her house was full of children. The house was haunted mrs go go was always holding a mop and a rolling pin . Mrs go go look to cook .I am called Bailey , im 8 years old . I love to read and wright stories . I have blond hair and have blue eyes . I am kind and caring and helpful . When my mum came home from work I had broken the springs in the bed because I was jumping on it to much and there was springs every where . “ Right get your hat on you are going to mrs go go “ !. She bellowed . We walked across the street and stood outside the house .What would it be like ! . There might be killer ghosts and giant spiders and mrs go go might be evil . “Right ill let you off this time “ my mum said . The next day I had broken the window because I was playing with rocks outside and one hit the window . “Right im taking you to mrs go go “ shouted my mum . I knocked on the door of mrs go go’s house .”Come in “ mrs go go said . “ hello “ I whispered . “Hello my darling” mrs go go said in a funny voice . “ come in come in” mrs go go said .Then I went in the living room what would it be like ? There wasn’t any killer things in there . There was a dance floor with dancing ghosts and they where friendly . “woo hello whooo are yoooou “ one of the ghosts said .“Im Bailey “.The living room was full of kids dancing with the ghosts . Then I went into the kitchen what would it be like in there?. There was the weirdest thing ever a friendly Frankenstein. He was eating cheese , then I went up stairs . The floor boulds was creaky and the bathroom door was on one peace of wood. Next I went to the garden there was a swimming pool what was in the shape of a ghost . It was time to go home I didn’t want to leave because I had the most amazing time. When I go home I really wanted to go back .

ghost2dark ghost