Anya’s Dilemma Story

One sunny Saturday morning Anya a bright, passionate nine year old girl, called for her crazy friend, Ella. Whilst they where thinking of climbing to the top of a huge tree, Ella shouted “Let’s go climb to the top of a huge tree!”. Sian and Molly tagged along too because they thought that it would be exiting.


Sian and Molly said,

“Let’s go climb that tree”

And Ella and Anya said,

“That’s what we where thinking”

“But our lovely cloth’s might get ripped”

But the other’s didn’t listen. Sian, molly and Ella went into the tree but Anya said

“I don’t want to go in”

But she went in anyway.


All of a sudden, a crazy man came out and shouted,

“Your destroying this tree!!!!”

Whilst Anya and Ella tried not to laugh because he said it so funny, they all stared at each other, and panicked.


Ella and grace walked off and Anya rode off on her bike. Anya was the most upset, she rode off crying,

“I don’t want the police”

And she went home to her mum, but her mum said,

“it’s alright I work with the police”

And they went for a walk to calm Anya down.


When Anya was calmed down she went playing happily with everyone elts the girls in Ella’s back garden for a bit then we went in a tent pretending it was  a horror movie because one of them was out side rawing at the others and they where happy again.

Fantasy Story

Once their was a girl called Esme . Esme was 11 and she had orange eye’s as bright as a orange. She loved dressing up. Esme got sent to her bedroom her bedroom was all pink and her mum had painted little fairy’s on her wall. You could smell the smell of melted chocolate and you could hear car’s driving fast it made her feel mad.

 Once Esme saw a little sparkle she looked and she fell and fell until a big bang. “OW” Esme  screamed then a 4 eyed 2 nose thing came hopping along “who are you?” Esme asked “Flicus” the thing replied.

 Flicus said that their was a big black sucking thing was rewining there world. Flicus said that if Esme helped them Flicus would give Esme special powers. Then a big BANG!!! Then the big black sucking thing came.

Flicus to the rescue! But she failed miserably because the big black sucking thing bashed her out of the way but Esme saw and punched it and it dissolved in the ground.

Esme didn’t know how much time had been taken but Flicus said that if she said “Flicus” she could go back again.

By Anya