joe allunga

Yesterday, 16th march 2011, we met Joe allunga, 47 years old an aborigine. We thought of and ask him lots of interesting questions about his life in Australia. The colours he has seen were red and orange. He had 2 children 1 called Joey and the other one is called shila. He did not like it when they stole there children but Joes servedJJ. His best thing in Australia is uluru which is a big rock he was in the aranda tribe and his best animal is the possum.

By Ben 🙂 🙂 🙂

joe allunga

Yesterday, Joe allunga came. He’s best friend is called Mick. Many years ago, the Europeans took his children. He eats grubs. It is about 40 degrees in Australia. The facepaint is called paint. He gets his water from the creak. The colours in Australia are: red, brown and dark colours like that. The Europeans had guns he had spears. He hadn’t any ider what a holiday was. Until someone told him. His favourite holiday is uluru witch is a big rock. He was not an elder. The animals are kookaburra, koala, wombat, wallaby and much much more. Finley, the Europeans took their children away. And the Europeans took Joes land.

By Megan

Joe Allunga

Yesterday, 16th march 2011, We interviewed Joe Allunga, 47 Years of age. He was an aborigine, He was half Australian and half aborigine, He had an Australian Accent and He did not like having battles. He also told us he was in a tribe called The aranga tribe, His surname means the sun. In addition He had a cave with lots of cave pictures on his walls, His cave was a deep deep deep dark cave, He went to a school in Sydney. Uluru is a big rock, Joe has a friend and his friend is called Mick    

By Alex

wednesday 16 of march 2011

wensday we are having an Aborigine to school. He’s coming all the way from austrailla to see us. we have to ask questions about him. like:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

what part of austrilla do you live in?   How hot or cold is austrilla? what was it like when the eurepirans came to the land and took it?

or wait a mintet i’m giveing you all the questions. i love learning about austrilla and abriganies.

by megan 🙂