Abbie’s Persuasive Letter

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Wigan  , spring field  

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Dear parents ,

I am writing to tell you that children  over 7 years  old  should  choose their own bedtime s at weekends.

My teacher mr. sharkey said to me at  home time  that I have to do  my  home work  at night , and  it is fun  because its glow in  the dark . I don’t have  enough time  to do  it in the day so I have to do it at night. Of case   we will tiddy my room  so its spotless and  also I will go on my computer on my educational games.  I can do my home work also take to  my friends on my x box and I can lay in the next day.

Those reasons children over 7 should be allowed  to choose their own bed times at weekends


Your sincerely,


Hamster by Abbie

L.C. Can I write my own poem using excellent describing words?



I’m a grumpy hamster, a lumpy hamster a trumpy hamster, and pumpy hamster. .

I ‘m a rough hamster, a tough hamster, laying on my own.

I’m a bad hamster, a mad hamster sitting on a bone.

I love to sit and bay the moon to keep fat souls from sleep.

I’ll never be a slap hamster, eating dirty feet.

A sleek hamster, a meek hamster wailing for my food.

Not for me the fire side the well filled bowl.

But shut the cage door and sharp stone and cuff kick and hate.

Not for me the other hamster running by my side

Some have to walk a short while but none of them would bide .

O mine is all the lone trail the hard trail the best.

Wild wind and wild stars a hunger for the quest.