Wind Poems

The wind

The wind destroys the trembling tree

The wind howls like a lonely wolf in the playground

The wind wonders around the city

Like a woman trying to find some shoes

The wind rushed round the town

Will boats go down?

 The wind is going east to west

To see which is the best

Oh will the boats go down?


Next it goes north to south

Will the boats go down?

The wind shoots past shops

Like a man going to work

Oh will the boats go down?

The sea is going up and down

Will the boats go down?

Why all the frowns all around

Because we’re going to drown.

by Millie

Wind Poems

Wind storm!

Wind, why do you have storms?

Wind, why don’t you keep us warm?

Wind, why do you howl like a wolf with a thorn?

Wind, do you like corn?


Wind, why is there no sign?

Wind, do you like wine?

Wind, are you nine?

Wind, is it time?


Wind, why do you have a breeze?

Wind, why do you freeze?

Wind, do you have knees?

Wind, do you eat peas?

by Jessie


Year 4 were privileged to have a paleontologist come to visit us and speak to us about dinosaurs. We were able to look at and feel real fossils and learn all about the world millions of years ago during the time of the dinosaurs. Hopefully we shall have some wonderful dinosaur posters to show very soon – so watch this space!

We were eager to learn about dinosaurs.
We were eager to learn about dinosaurs.

Mr Sharkey

Wind Poems

The wind is rushing through the town

Knocking apples down

The wind rushes through the town.

Like a leopard

Running against a ford.


The wind knocks the trembling leaves so sparkly

It hits my car like a tiger hitting its prey violently

The wind screams like a girl being eaten by a monster

People being pushed in a pond by a prankster.


The sun makes the wind so warm

People must be warned

The wind screams through the town

Like my friends in the playground.

by Jonathan