world war 2

 BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Bob Dickinson was petrified and worried as the dust settled slowly around his shacking lean body. He coughed heavily. As the smoke cleared gradually he could see his destroyed wrecked home in his south Manchester street with his emerald green eyes he looked at the smashed windows and the pile of rubble that used to be his lovely house. It was the worst moment in the 39 years of his life. He felt heartbroken. He was worried about his children.

Bob gets married to a lovely girl. Bob went to pick up his children from his mothers but nobody was home. He looked around the house “mum, William, Penny where are you?!!!” Bob shouted. He was terrified and worried about them all. So he stood up and went to his wife.” have you seen my kids?” Bob asked almost as he wanted to fall on the floor. “Well no, why? Where they at your mothers?” she asked “no and she’s gone to” Bob said. And then went out.

He searched high and low. He checked at the cafe, beach, the forest, his new house. He could not find them anywhere. The post man came with a letter it said “dear bob Dickinson your house has been blown up so you can stay here with us until your house gets fixed and I was wondering if you get bored in Wales you can join the war if you like

From uncle john

 p.s. You will need a gas mask it will be very smoky.”

 “Oh no “. Bob muttered, he sent back a letter saying “no I can’t”.

Many weeks later he got another letter “hi Bob I think I know where your children are. They are in the countryside. Some body found them and put them on a train and sent them to be evacuated. I am sorry I am trying to keep it a secret but it was killing me. I am sorry. Go to the train station quickly before it’s too late. Because the kids train is leaving soon, from your wife Lesley.” “Wow” thought bob running to the train station.” Kids! William! Penny!.”

The train left. Bob heard and saw another train it said on the front ‘evacuated train’. He raced to the train and got on it. When he arrived he felt scared. He went to the children’s home but he went to the wrong countryside. He got on another train. Time passed and Bob had been on 5 trains. When he reached the country he was amazed.

His children were sitting on a carpet playing with Lego “daddy” they shouted “penny William there you are” so they went to get another train and they lived with Lesley and they lived happily ever after.

by Megan


Wigan local news

Two headed monster arrives 

On Monday 11th October 2010 around 7:30 an alien came to Earth. Mean while Mr Sharkey was working late after school when suddenly the caretaker ran in and said “come and look at this!” they ran outside and they saw an alien. Mr Sharkey ran inside and started crying. But the caretaker was brave enough to shake its hand…

Mr Sharkey was marking some Jotters when suddenly the very tall caretaker came running in like a lion with his hair sticking up. They both ran outside as fast as lightning. When they got outside they saw a huge space ship and its colour was a greeny  yellow, and pink. The space ship was about to land, on the school field. Suddenly a girl alien with two heads came out of the space ship but Mr Sharkey sprinted in side like a cheater and went inside the y4 classroom, then hid under a table like a rabbit and cried really load. But the caretaker was brave enough to shake the aliens hand and the alien yelled “I come in peace” “and my name is Squiggles”. The alien then flew off back to her planet. St. Andrews was saved!          

Squiggles the Alien


reported by Lucy

A Huge Welcome Year 4!

A warm and friendly welcome to our wonderful new Year4 class. May I also take this opportunity to say a massive “Thank You” to Mrs Rooks for passing on such a brilliant and intelligent group of children.

So far we have been studying the Tudors in Humanities, learning about our skeletons and movement in Science, and have been wonderfully creative in writing our own historical stories set during World War II in Literacy. We have also designed our own musical instruments that we are going to start making in our Art / D.T. lesson on Monday – so remember to bring in your materials next week! Watch this space to see how we get on.

It’s been a great start to the term Y4 – keep it up!

Mr Sharkey

Thank You, Year 4.

Thank you all very much for a wonderful year, Y4. You have worked extremely hard and should be proud of yourselves and your achievements. It has been a pleasure to be your teacher. Thank you all for your very kind gifts and cards. Enjoy your summer break and good luck for next term in Year 5 – you’ll have a brilliant time.

Thanks again,

Mr Sharkey

The Paper Bag Trading Game

A big “Thank You” to the Wigan Education Business Partnership Team who came into Year 4 this week to play The Paper Bag Trading Game.

This team activity set the pupils the challenge of making and producing bags made from newspaper within a set time period. We were shown how to make bags similar to those made by children in India. Then we worked in teams to produce the paper bags and were paid 1 rupee for every 10 bags that we made. We then calculated how much money we would have “earned” if we had made the bags all day – and whether or not we would have made enough money to survive in India. Afterwards we were shown some artifacts from a village in Africa.

A very stimilating and thought-provoking activity. You participated brilliantly team. Well done.

Mr Sharkey

Welcome Back Year 4!

A big welcome back and a very Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you everybody once again for your wonderful cards and gifts over Christmas and I hope that we are all looking forward with excitement to this new term.

Our new topic in Literacy is ‘Dragons’, so have a go at writing your thoughts on the new ‘sticky wall’ below. Remember to include your first name. Have fun.

Mr Sharkey