My Hobby – Rugby

My hobby is playing rugby.  I play for St Judes under 9’s, we have two teams they are called Gold and Maroons.  On the gold team me and Ben. Jake is on the maroons team.  Both me and Ben got trophies for playing well last week.  I got Parents Award and Ben got Most Improved Player.  Jake also has had a trophy before.  I love tackling the other boys.  I like scoring tries.  I like running and dodging the other team players.  We train twice a week and play a game on Sunday.  Our coaches are Geoff, Simon (my dad) and Paul (Bens dad).  They are good and sometimes my dad is the referee at the game.  He has disallowed my try once 🙁

Kickrounders festival

When we got to the Kick Rounders festival Mr Sharkey told us the groups and we got in them after that we started playing are first game we won. Next game we lost by one point and the 3rd game we won again after that we watch team A because I was team B and we where not playing. Next was are 4th game we won that one and are last one we won but the big news is the A section St. Andrews won and the B section WE CAME 1ST TOO!

By Lucy A