Mathletics  is a great computur game were your teacher can set you challenges like time or sorting out numbers and lots of things like that. You can play live agianst children from other countries and your friends if they click on it the same time of them. If you get 1000 points in one week and get a bronze cetificert. If you get 5 bronze cetificerts you get a silver cetificert. 5 silver cetificerts you get a gold cetificert. And you have to get 7 gold ones.

by megan

Year four (By Kayleah)

Welldone Year 4 i ythink that we have been improving in every subject 🙂

Especialy literacy in Haikus I made this one :

Friends play together 5……

make friends and play together 7 …………

And  friends forever  5

i like this Haiku because it describes friendships and dont just play with one person play with everryone and dont leave pepole out.

In Numracy we have been improving with are deviding skills here are some that i know :

 14 devided by 2 = 7   

250 devided by 2 = 125        

450 devided by 2 = 225

I also think that everrybody has been improving with History and Henry the 8th and lots of pepole have been doing extra homework welldone everry one here is some infomation of my own : 


Henry was just shy of 18 years old when he became king, and had been preparing for it from the time of his older brother Arthur’s death. At this age, he was not the image that we usually call to mind when we hear the name Henry VIII. He was not the overweight and ill man of his later years. In his youth, he was handsome and athletic. He was tall and had a bright red-gold cap of hair and beard, a far cry from the fat, balding and unhealthy man that is often remembered (In his younger days he was verry fond of his carves)

By Kayleah A


Mathletics is fun and is good because people get to play against people all over the world. Click on the tab that says Mathletics and there is a hall of fame. Some times your friends might be on it and even you might be on it.I love it because when my friends are playing live I can play against them if we click at the same time.




by jessica r





Mathletics is a fun and exciting game. It helps me and all my classmates to have fun in maths. On mathletics sometimes you’re teacher sets you a challenge you get five points for every question you get right. You can unlock games and there’s something called spellodrome.  Make a face that looks exactly like you and get amazing backgrounds and new accessories from the shop. And guess what  there’s more you can play live maths with anyone in the world who’s got it!!!! When you get a 1000 points you win a bronze certificate and you will be able to print it off. mthletics in the best game to make you enjoy maths.

by Emily j  


Well done to all the Year 4 children who have been taking part in our Mathletics trial over the last week. You have all been fantastic with many of you achieving over 1000 points and earning a Bronze Certificate. Well done Mathletes! Hopefully there will be many more Bronze Certificates to award next week.
Great Work Team!
Mr Sharkey
Well Done!