The Adventures of Hagrid

The adventure’s of Hagrid

In the Russia high lands there is a small village.

The leader of the village was called Saramon.

But in the lake of the village was  a monster.

Every night when some one went swimming they go missing. The elder saw a monster In the lake.


A hero came called Hagrid. Hagrid came at mid night and that was when the village was on lock down. Hagrid snook in and met Saramon “Who are you?” said Saramon “I am Hagrid” replied Hagrid “I am here to kill a monster” shouted Hagrid “a monster you say” whispered Saramon. So Hagrid went to the lair of Nessi .


The lair of nessi was very dangerous but then  the nessi jumped out of no ware first Hagrid  was running  like mad. B

.But then some thing happened Hagrid felt extra strong .With two  slashes of his steel knife and it’s head fell of. The village elder gived Hagrid 100 silver coins to by a new home. EPILOG Hagrid had a wonder full life he had 5 children a wonder full wife a brilliant  house and a lovely trophy of nessi . Hagrid’s  wife was called Veneca  and Hagrids 5 children Billy,Bob,Candce, Aragon and Legalos the four boys are were very adventuress and Candace keeps at home. By owen





There is a place on the edge of Scotland were none as Arogog. The cost is. It is a small village with about 12 cottages. It is


Long ago there was a king and queen who were rich and happy. But an Evil monster named Killerz!  He came out and killed 10 men. This made the king and queen sad.


After 10 years a soldier named Tomwolf rose and said “I will fight this monster I will not rest until it is dead!”

So in that case let’s get going. When they got to the gloomy forest killerz just came out Tomwolf stept forward

and said “ Bring it on!” killerz said “ok.” Tomwolf swung and managed to grab his tail. He puled and puled and the tail came off. He slithered home.

Tomwolf got reworded with gold and silver they lived happily ever after   until …

By thomas

The Widow

The widow.

Once their was a kingdom named mamruse with a vicious castle it had eight castles but the most scary is was the first one built called ,Israel castle it was haunted by lots of of vicious creatures. But one heird she was called Olivia, she was prepared to fight the widow .The widow came that night and killed and tour 10 brave men lim by lim this made the people sad. The king had enough but that Olivia came to battle this ugly creature and got on the next ship to turkey in mamrouse and in 2 hours she arrived . And knocked on the door with a loud BANG BANG ! the king said sadly ,, who is it ,, she repled im Olivia the daughter of the king of turkey .and I am hear to battle the widow and I will surrender my weapon’s the king said, how will you survive , she said ill be ok go to someware safe, then she set out and then she finally fownend and went into the cave to kill it or that fing   as she toled them and she tore off his arm and got it back to the king as soon as possible and then crowds of people came and pick Olivia up and they shouted HURRAY HURRAY and at night they went to sleep and we she woke up she was rewarded 1 million pounds .and went to England


BY livia

Thomas’ Explanation Text



Chameleons are a type of lizard and there are over 160 different species.


How do chameleons move?

Chameleons have special claws that help them to run fast and so there feet don’t get burnt.


Why do they change colour?

They change colour to communicate with each other and to camouflage from the predators.


How do they climb?    

Chameleons have claws that can stick into a tree and help them to balance.


What do they eat?

They eat all kinds of bugs like spiders, ants, beetles and flys

Veiled Chameleon

Ruben’s Explanation Text



Chameleons   are    a   type   of   lizard and   there   are   over   160   different species.


How   do   chameleons   move?

Chameleons   have   special   claws   that   help    them   to   run    fast   and   also,  so   that   their   feet   do   not   burn.


Why  do   they   change   colour?

They   change   colour   to  communicate.


What   do   they  eat  ?

They   eat   spiders

Veiled Chameleon

Paige’s Explanation Text


Chameleons   have special   claws   that   help

Them   to run fast   and   also   that   their   feet

Do not   get   burned .

liz31 liz32


Why    they  change colour ?

Chameleons     change   colour  to   whith   each   other.

How do they climb ?

They have sharp   nails   to climb and   ones   that   don’t   have sharp   teethdont climb   trees .

what   do they   eat?

chameleons      they   eat bugs   bay   huntint   for

them   on   desat.

Owen’s Explanation Text

Chameleons are a type of lizard

How do they change colour?

Chameleons’ are cold  brooded so they change colour when they get hot they change to white.

Chameleons when they communicate to gather they change colour.

At night chameleons change to blue or black.

How do chameleons move?

Other sorts of chameleons have a lack of speed.

But some chameleons have special claws.

These claws sped out so they can’t get there feet stuck.

How do they climb?

Chameleons have  claws that stick in the wood and climb up.

What do they eat


.desert spider


Veiled Chameleon

Olivia’s Explanation Text

L.c can I write an explanation text

Chameleons are a type of lizard


How do chameleons move

Chameleons use there feet to climb trees they are very good climbers.


How do they change colour

They change colour when they commutate


Veiled Chameleon

Were do they live

They live in the forest woods and sands


What do they eat

They eat betel ants and a lot of other things like spiders and flys

What do they drink

They drink water and orange juice and some more


What colours do they change into

White brown red blue and green and a lot

More colours.


How do chameleons eat

They stick there tongs out and grab there pray

They also use there claws to get there pray


By olivia

Nicholas’ Explanation Text

Chameleons are a type of lizard


How do chameleons move

They have special claws to help them run and climb. Some chameleons have 2 toes facing forwards and 2 toes facing backwards this help them to climb.


What do chameleons eat

Chameleons eat bugs, flies,moths and insects. There tongue is very long and sticky to help them catch prey.

Why do they change colour

Chameleons change colour to camouflage themselves away from predators also, they change colour to communicate with each other.