Ruben’s Brilliant Legend





She and her people where happy.

Till… a man bangged on the forest gates.

Then a queen came and said

Stop what are you doing

They saw if he was going to die

But he was saved 2 m

Later 2peaple came and said can we help please?

The Queen said yes

The man got killed

But he left his friend   letter it said

If I do not come home come and fight

They  had a big fight the good people won.

By ruben



There was a place on the end of Sweden were there was a little cottage. Their were 2 people called Billy and Susan. Billy went out for a walk and he heard a loud noise in a big cave. So he went in and found a path with big footprints, so he followed them.


When Billy went into the cave he saw the monster, the TUDA. So Billy went out of the cave. Then the TUDA was flying behind him. After a bit the TUDA was gone behind him.


The next morning he went to the cave, and he heard someone shouting “HELP!” Billy went into the cave, when Billy entered the cave, he heard a girl voice shouting again. Billy went to the girl, “I’ll save you.” Billy saved the girl and freed her then the TUDA came back now Billy had a plan. Billy ran and ran then he jumped over the TUDA’s head and ripped it of.


Billy took the head back home. Susan was shocked to see a head. Billy put the head in his draw, then then cleaned it out and used it for Halloween.


The End

By Mollie



Long ago there was a king and queen .

The queen was called sally and the king was called Simon.

They lived on the end of Scotland in a tall brick castle, They were very rich and had a lot of strong men.


The king and queen were very happy until a monster struck in the night and killed 12 men,  This made the king and queen very sad.

One day a girl called Amy came to the king and queens castle and said to sally the queen,  “I have come to kill your monster.” Said  Amy.

The queen was very  happy about that news, The queen said to Amy “That if you kill this monster you can have all the gold in this kingdom.”

So Amy set to work.


She stayed up all night looking out for that hideous drag kill monster.

When the clock stroked 12 it was so silent you could hear a pin drop.

Then out of knower Amy saw the one and only drag kill.

Amy thinks fast and then she saw a rope she swung on it and nocked the drag kill out then she got a sword and stabbed  it.

The one and only drag kill was finally dead.

The next morning all the kingdom hailed to Amy and the queen gave her the most gold that you could ever imagine.

They lived happily ever after.

THE END. By Olivia.