Vicar Tina

today year 4 class went to st.Andrews church and met our new vicar.vicar Tina


.the red light represent that Jesus is always with us.

.I found the bishop it is a very special, chair it is in the choir stand.

.I found out that the font had a special lid and they lift up when people are getting baptised.

.I found out that the church was made in 1882 I think.

Church visit

Today I went to my church called st Andrews church with the rest of my class and we met the new vicar called Tina.

This is what we discovered

  • the bishop had a special chair.
  • that the mosaics represent a story from a bible.
  • the red light represents the sanctuary of Jesus.
  • that there are symbols that interest me from behind the Alter.
  • that the vicar enjoys being a vicar.
  • that we have a candle for each year.


year 4 visits church!!!!!

Today I went to St. Andrews church with my class and we met vicar Tina .

This is what I discovered:

  • I found out that the sanctuary light is always on to represents that Jesus is always with us.
  • I saw that the bishop has a special, secret chair behind the choir stands.
  • I found out that the font has a special kind of lid that they lift off when they are about to baptise a baby.
  • I also asked vicar Tina why were the windows stained and she said that it is in remembrance of the people who have died also on the windows are two disciples and at the top is Jesus.
  • me and Keira asked vicar Tina how old is the church and she said it was made in 1882 so I figured out that it was 134 years old.

we went to church

today I went to s.t Andrews church with my class and we met vicar Tina and I discovered

  • the windows are multi coloured because it has been painted a long time a go
  • that the church costs a lot
  • the red light represents Jesus is always with us
  • that she likes being a vicar
  • that the font has a story line on it
  • that the church was built in the Victorian times