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well to start this off it was exiting because first we did the register and then we went down to the hall to have our star of the week assembly and then when it was our teachers turn he did star and friend of the week from last week and we all gave them a big clap because we didn’t last week and then he came to this weeks star and friend and he did friend first and when he said that the friend was beautiful on the out and the in it was a very nice complement for the friend and then he looked at me and said my name i was in shock and then he said the star was Matthew again because he was friend last week and then it was the end of the assembly and then we did literacy and that was fun because we did it like we was in court and then after play we did some posters if zoos should be banned but what do you think ? and then we did science and we talked  about living things and then it was Friday fun in worship club because Mrs donellen  baked some cakes and we decorated them and we listened to the wil grigg song and i know the guy who invented the song on youtube search kenno and then the vids are willk griggs on fire and up the tics andi just whant to say this #comeonticks. then after school i went to Frankie and Benny’sand the main meal was super yummy and the pudding not quite what i was expected and then i whent home and did this. the end     

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