year 4 visits church!!!!!

Today I went to St. Andrews church with my class and we met vicar Tina .

This is what I discovered:

  • I found out that the sanctuary light is always on to represents that Jesus is always with us.
  • I saw that the bishop has a special, secret chair behind the choir stands.
  • I found out that the font has a special kind of lid that they lift off when they are about to baptise a baby.
  • I also asked vicar Tina why were the windows stained and she said that it is in remembrance of the people who have died also on the windows are two¬†disciples and at the top is Jesus.
  • me and Keira asked vicar Tina how old is the church and she said it was made in 1882 so I figured out that it was 134 years old.

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