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                                    So today i went to the Wigan game at DW stadium and first i went to the hub and i went to meet my dads friend and his daughter and people sang from Wigan youth zone and then Reece James came and others wanted to play tennis with him and then i got a picture but my dads fingers was in the way and then i got my shirt singed by him and it looks cool it looks like scribbles and then people sang and i knew them and then i went in the stadium and sat were it says #Believe in Wigan and i sit above the i and then the game started and first Criss McCann did a goal and then  think that Grigg did a goal 2 times and then at the second half i had a meat and a potato pie and then Michel     Jacobs did a goal and then Craig Morgan did a own goal and the scores are………

                       4       –          1      to wigan




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