The 3 children

Once upon a time there was 3 children there was one girl and 2 boys. 1 boy was called Joe and the other one was called Ollie and the girl was called Lola. Then Mum received a letter from  King John and Queen Victoria saying Dear Anderson family you have been invited to a party at the palace tonight you may come at 10 o’clock for our anniversary please reply when you want to come so we know and we invited you because you are the only family who takes care of one and each of you so PLEASE COME!!!!!!!!! by Queen Victoria and King John. xxxxx

so Mum said to the children Kids we have been invited to a party by the King and Queen so do you want to go she said yesssssss!!!!! said the children so she sent a letter back saying Dear King John and Queen Victoria yes we would love to come to your party but I just need to ask you one more thing what kind of party is it just in case we need some costumes or something for the party ok but please reply when you have your answer ok. xxxxxx so the letter was sent to the King and Queen and they sent back Dear Anderson family yes you need jewels for the party because it is a jewel party ok. xxxxxx  so the letter was sent to the Andersons and they was on there way to the shops to buy some jewels and they found some just  for Mum and Lola but the boys diddnt want them on so they wore smart clothes.

It was getting to 10’o clock and the family had got in the car and they drove into the special car park and Mum had put on her make up and they saw the King and Queen and they talked. then it was getting the kids bedtime so they went home and in the morning they went to the park. xxxx                 

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