Sunday 10th April 2016


At 4pm on Saturday 9th April my friend,lilia came to my house for a sleepover. We played outside for a bit with my other friends zayn and Holly. Then I was a bit scared because I found a dead bird in the bush! Then me and Lilia had to go in because at that time it was 7:45. My brother was at his friends party for a sleepover but at 11o’clock he came home. Then when we woke up at around 8 o’clock then we went downstairs and had breakfast we had pain au chocolat it was very yummy! Then around  10:30 Ava and Goerge and Tom came over for my brothers safari party. Then we left and drove to Knowsley safari park. When we got there we had are picnic! But Lilia is so slow at eating she had only eaten her roll! Then we drove through the monkey part and that was very SCARY!!!



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