Bailey’s Persuasive Letter

L.C can I write in a persuasive style?


                                                                    Wigan St Andrews

                                                                     Mort Street


                                                                     WN6 7AU

Anywhere ave

Springfield Wigan

WN6 7AU                                                                    21st May 2014



Dear mum + dad,

I am writing to tell you that I strongly believe that children who are 7+ should be allowed to choose there own bedtimes.

If you let me, I would clean my room, and go on educational games what will help my building skills.

That means you can have a lie in, I could speak to my friends with my ear piece what is using my speaking skills.

Please let me pick my own bedtime. 

I would do more homework, and it’s not even a weekend!

I would not be grumpy in the morning, what will be true, not grumpy like in the week.

I strongly believe that children over 7 should pick there own bedtime.

                                    You’re sincerely,



One thought on “Bailey’s Persuasive Letter”

  1. This is a very good letter Bailey and you almost got me to let you decide your bedtime but not yet maybe when your 10. Love mum & dad xx 🙂

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