Abbie’s Persuasive Letter

                                                           Wigan  s.t Andrews  mort  street

Spring field

Wn6 7au

Wigan  , spring field  

99 Anywhere street

Wn6 7au



Dear parents ,

I am writing to tell you that children  over 7 years  old  should  choose their own bedtime s at weekends.

My teacher mr. sharkey said to me at  home time  that I have to do  my  home work  at night , and  it is fun  because its glow in  the dark . I don’t have  enough time  to do  it in the day so I have to do it at night. Of case   we will tiddy my room  so its spotless and  also I will go on my computer on my educational games.  I can do my home work also take to  my friends on my x box and I can lay in the next day.

Those reasons children over 7 should be allowed  to choose their own bed times at weekends


Your sincerely,


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