Maxwell’s Quack Poem

“Meow!” said the octopus,
“Oink!” said the sloth,
“Woof!” said the donkey
And “neigh!” said the moth.
“Quack!” said the ocelot,
“Baa!” said the cow,
“Hoot!” said the jellyfish,
And “cluck!” said the sow,
“Cheep! Cheep!” the turkey cried,
The duck began to moo,
And all at once the sheep went “cock-a-doodle-do!”
The goat coughed and cleared his throat and he began to bleat,
“Hiss!” said the cock
Swimming in the leat.
“Tweet! Tweet!” said the cat
As she began to fly,
Maxwell’s been and laid an egg that’s the reason why! 🙂


Grace’s Quack Poem

L.C. can I write a poem based on one that I have read?


“Tick tock!” said the crocodile,

“Oink!” said the sloth.

And “Neigh!” said the moth,

“Hoot!” said jellyfish.

“Squeak!” said the mouse,

“BAA!” said the sheep running in the house.

And all at once the the dog went COCK A DO DOODLE DO!

“Cluck!” said the hen,

 running in its POO!jellyfish

Will’s Bedtime Letter

                                           Wigan st.andrews    Mort Street


                                                          Wn6 7au   

77  Anywhere Street

Wigan Springfield

Wn6 7au



Dear mum

I’m writing to tell you that children over 7 years old should be able to stay up later because they have a lot of homework about the stars. I can play educational games like fifa 14 and minecraft. I want to play fifa 14 because I have a lot of great players on my ultimate team like willian.  Minecraft will help me with my building skills and it’s a really fun game. I will talk to my friends as quiet as I can if there still on and there letter worked. Speaking to my friends will help with my socialising skills for this reason children over 7 years old should be able to stay up later.


You’re sincerely,


Braidie’s Bedtime Letter

l.c can I write in persuasive writing 

wigan st Andrews

mort street



99 Random road





21st may 2014


 Dear Mummy and daddy,

I am writing to tell you about children 7 years and over should have there right to decide there  own bedtimes on weekends. Just think about lie ins on Saturday morning and Sunday morning and a tidy bedroom. The other thing I can play on education games because Mr Sharkey said and a friend of mine said she goes to bed at 12:00 on non school nights’ can be a happy child because it is not school.

Finally I have been studding the stars in science. This is why children 7 years or over should stay up later on non school nights.

Your sincerely,


Bailey’s Persuasive Letter

L.C can I write in a persuasive style?


                                                                    Wigan St Andrews

                                                                     Mort Street


                                                                     WN6 7AU

Anywhere ave

Springfield Wigan

WN6 7AU                                                                    21st May 2014



Dear mum + dad,

I am writing to tell you that I strongly believe that children who are 7+ should be allowed to choose there own bedtimes.

If you let me, I would clean my room, and go on educational games what will help my building skills.

That means you can have a lie in, I could speak to my friends with my ear piece what is using my speaking skills.

Please let me pick my own bedtime. 

I would do more homework, and it’s not even a weekend!

I would not be grumpy in the morning, what will be true, not grumpy like in the week.

I strongly believe that children over 7 should pick there own bedtime.

                                    You’re sincerely,



Abbie’s Persuasive Letter

                                                           Wigan  s.t Andrews  mort  street

Spring field

Wn6 7au

Wigan  , spring field  

99 Anywhere street

Wn6 7au



Dear parents ,

I am writing to tell you that children  over 7 years  old  should  choose their own bedtime s at weekends.

My teacher mr. sharkey said to me at  home time  that I have to do  my  home work  at night , and  it is fun  because its glow in  the dark . I don’t have  enough time  to do  it in the day so I have to do it at night. Of case   we will tiddy my room  so its spotless and  also I will go on my computer on my educational games.  I can do my home work also take to  my friends on my x box and I can lay in the next day.

Those reasons children over 7 should be allowed  to choose their own bed times at weekends


Your sincerely,